Why we MUST #BoycottNFL…

The past few weeks have been quiet hectic, even without all the madness that emanates from thre tRump White House.

One story that continues to hold our attention is that of NFL quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, who is yet to be invited to a tryout to any NFL team this preseason. Most of us who know better understand that this is more about his political stance than it is his skill set to run a football team.

One of his more ardent supporters has been Seattle Seahawks player, Michael Bennett, who has remained seated during the playing of the national anthem thus far. To now have Mr. Bennett describe his being accosted and abused by the Las Vegas P.D., while he was in town for the Floyd Mayweather fight…is disgusting.

The incident has created a great deal of buzz this week on various sports talk programs. Here is one that is particularly nauseating….well, the responses from too many of the people who tuned in…watch this:

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