What You Think is What You Get…

What You Think is What You Get…

One of my favorite songs from the ‘70’s group, The Dramatics, is titled Whatcha See is Whatcha Get. My understanding of that message is that there is no phoniness or deceit involved when dealing with this person…only the truth. What you see, is what you get.

I have, over the past 18 months, had the good fortune to align myself with a solid Network Marketing company by the name Legal Shield. And because I have made the decision to build a residual income using their business model, I am required to share the information with family, friends and people whom I meet.

Some of those people have been open to the information, others have been reluctant, but at least afforded me the chance to give them something to read, listen to or watch. It is the remaining group of people that has me concerned…the people who are living paycheck-to-paycheck, or are working 2 full time jobs, or worse, are not working at all, and have yet thwarted my efforts to share this information with them. They are still stuck in their own Matrix.

I am of the mindset, evermore now as I continue to expand my personal philosophy, that we can have, do and become so much more. Yet, we are all too comfortable remaining in our state-of-stuck, because it is the way we have learned to live.

On this past Friday and Saturday I attended a training course with Legal Shield, and the homework assignment for Saturday class was to memorize, or improvise, an opening script to use when approaching business owners. Much of Friday evening I kept busy doing all manner of things at home, not taking any real time to attempt a memorization of the material. Now, why would I do that? Especially since the instructor told the class that there would be two winners selected from among us on Saturday.

Somehow, I had allowed the “old tapes” in my head to resurface…the tapes that said that it was not that important to win…that I could just be average…that it did not matter. It was not until the early morning hours of Saturday, while in quiet meditation, did it occur to me that I was falling victim to what Dorothea Brand spoke of in her book, Wake Up and Live, as the Will to Fail.

I was giving myself all the excuses necessary to guarantee a substandard outcome, because I had not prepared, was too busy, whatever. This was the chicken door approach to my pending presentation. But, alas, today was more than just another day. For today, July 20, was the 16th year anniversary of my mother returning to spirit.

So, I made a decision in that moment to honor her life…on the date of her death, to be the best and give the best of myself. Even if it was just for a presentation before a group of my peers. This was going to be a new moment and memory for Mark.

And so I borrowed the most famous line from the aforementioned book, Wake Up and Live, which states that we should all Act as if it were Impossible to Fail. I decided to make the speech mine…using the framework of information that needed to be shared, but I would infuse it with my own flavor and spin. It was in that moment that I chose to win the Best Presenter award.

In the class that morning, my fellow attendees made solid presentations, and a few were even able to memorize all of the material. Yet, I knew that I was prepared to let the best Mark Lampkin shine forth. When it was my turn, I took a deep breath and rose to the occasion. I could feel the glow of my mother’s spirit strengthen me as I spoke. Her words of encouragement were a constant source of energy while she was with me on Earth…and now, she was smiling from the great beyond.

As the instructor prepared to announce the winners, I felt a calm and peace that has been absent from me for far too many years. The winner for the person who memorized the material the best was announced…and now it was time to announce the winner of the overall Best Presentation. Somehow, deep inside of me, I knew that I had done my best to prepare…had given myself permission to be me…and that whatever the outcome, I could feel good about what I had offered.

“And the winner of the Best Presentation is…Mark Lampkin.”

As I accepted the certificate from the instructor, and the applause and congratulations from my classmates, I knew that somewhere, Marilyn Jean Lampkin was smiling. For her son, the one who has hidden so much of himself from the world for far too many years, was now ready to rise above mediocrity. Was ready to shine bright once again. For now I had truly exorcised one of my demons…that of being willing to Fail.

I tell you all of this as my personal testimony of being liberated from my own self-imposed prison. Now, I am a free man. One who will never accept giving anything less than my very best at any and all endeavors to which I commit. I only hope that I can inspire those with whom I interact to do the same. For it will take many of us doing just that to lift up our families, communities and our nation. We can release the expectation that our best is never good enough..and thus, never give it. I am here as a witness, that our best is ALWAYS good enough.

For it is certain, that the thought that you dwell upon and nurture, is the thought that will manifest in your life. Let there be truth in your saying, “What you think , is what you get.”


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  1. Mark, that was beautifully written! Congratulations on being “the Best Presenter”!

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