The Corporate Way…

The Corporate Way

I was reminded recently as to why I no longer work in the corporate environment. This past April I began a very part time employment, as a driver, for a national rental car company. One of their benefits is an employee discount for employees and family member when a rental vehicle is needed.

Since my P T Cruiser was on life-support, I saw this as an opportunity to pick up a few dollars and to also have use of a vehicle at a discount. They win, because they get a brand ambassador at a deep discount. I win, because it will allow me the use of a vehicle prior to my next purchase.

My 20 years in corporate home health care services shaped me as to understanding how important first impressions are to a service-oriented organization. Heck, this rental car company is getting a steal-of-a-deal.

All had been going along quite well. Until a few weeks ago.

One night at local restaurant, my rental vehicle was vandalized. As it is required for any employee rental, the car is covered via the full service insurance for such accidents. Thus, I returned the vehicle and had a new agreement written up for another car.

A regional corporate employee spotted the damaged vehicle on the back lot. He began asking questions…and saw that I, an employee of that location, have been renting this vehicle for a number of months. And it was said, that this person expressed their displeasure at such an arrangement to a few of the branch employees. Not cool.

Well, I finally got the call Friday. The call to come into the office.

Rather than go into details about the conversation, I choose to use this opportunity to remind others, that a corporate entity is a pyramid. It’s structure is one that creates a hierarchy that induces those above to maintain order and protect their assets; income, position and perks. Everyone below must toe the line. It’s all about the bottom line.

So, now I am in that place again, similar to November 1999, when I had to discern where and to whom I would give my time and talents. Eighteen years ago I made a bold decision to walk away from the corporate game, and trust that I had the resolve and talents to succeed. I have had my share of challenges since then, but am grateful to the Creator that I am still here and above water.

Fridays meeting, and it’s reminder that the majority of American corporations see their employee’s as tools and not as talents, gives me fresh fire to build on. Just like 1999, I will not subvert my time or talents for a few silver coins.


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