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What Will it Take?

What will it Take…?

To agree to eat two pieces of fruit each day.

To match each other and drink 4 glasses of water daily.

To insuring our walking partner will not succeed in quitting.

To give away those old, big clothes.

To parking the car and taking mass transit one day each week.

To commit to reading a new book each month.

To agree to spend money with a local business instead of a Big Box business.

If you and I will agree to this, we can make a difference. Every day. In a society where we are bombarded with what is wrong, what the problems are, and the belief that there is little chance for change…we will prove just the opposite is true.

We can have better health. We will lose weight and lower blood pressure. We can help local businesses succeed against the Big Corporations.

What will it take for YOU to make a difference in your life and those who are watching YOU?

Check out this article and consider another way to live.


Checking The YES Box…

Checking the YES Box…

The other day I went to a new massage therapy professional. His session was a gift to me from a friend/colleague. When I called the office to get the correct address I was told to come a few minutes before my appointment time in order to complete a new client questionnaire. No problem. A piece of cake. Just like the good old days….Right?

Now you know the way this goes…a litany of questions with yes and no as the options. Do I have any history of heart disease, high blood pressure, back injury, arthritis, etc. And that is when it began to unfold…Sitting in that chair with the form on the clipboard, halfway through the questions. I have answered YES to more of the questions than ever before in my life.

Granted, I am blessed with reasonably good health. I even like to boast that I have never spent a night in a hospital since I left it 56 years ago…but here I am now looking at a form that I used to check the no boxes without thinking. And here I have to admit to myself that YES, this now applies to me.

What do we do with that? How does it make us feel when we now have a chronic illness? A disease that will alter how we approach each new day. The most that I do is take ibuprofen to muffle the pain that Uncle Arthur is wreaking in my fingers and toes…

Will you join me in the journey as we gracefully grow older together? Let’s take heed to our bodies each day…eating 2-3 helpings of fruit, drinking 4-6 glasses of water and moving. And no, going to the bathroom is not considered effective healthy movement. Go for a walk. Dance to the music in your iPod. Heck, play a Wii fit game with your grandkids and break a sweat. Do something that will raise your heart rate above “just enough to survive.”

So that the next time you are in that office and completing the new patient form, your no’s will once again outnumber your yeses…


I REally Went to CHURCH Last Sunday

The following is a guest post from my sister, Rev. Cheryl D. Ward…EnJoy

I REALLY went to church last Sunday

Last Saturday night, we held a gospel concert in commemoration of World AIDS Day. The guest artist included some of San Francisco Bay Area’s best soloist and choirs and we had a great time in worship. My long-time friend, colleague and sister, Bishop Yvette Flunder, served as the worship leader and her anointed words and singing took the program over the top.

The next morning, my spirit longed for more worship and word, so I decided to attend her churches Homecoming celebration. It was great to see so many people I had not seen in years and to find out the wonderful things they were currently doing in ministry. In fact, I began feeling quite nostalgic as I reminisced about the many years of friendship that many of us shared and the things we’ve seen each other through. The other feeling that took me by surprise was a physical weakness that made me fear that I was getting ready to pass out in the middle of service. My blood pressure was rapidly dropping low and my body was getting weaker by the minute. I had experienced this a few days earlier and realized that I had not eaten or taken my morning medications. This day was different because I made it a point to eat before I left home, so my glucose levels would not drop unexpectedly. I am not a diabetic, but sometimes this happens as a side-effect of other medications.

I sat through half of the worship service but felt as if my symptoms were worsening, so I beckoned to Bobbi Jean – the usher seated directly behind me – and asked for some water and salt. (Sea Salt raises the blood pressure). When Bobbi Jean returned with the salt and water, I thought it best to see if there was someone available to actually take my blood pressure. She quickly escorted me out of the sanctuary into a private room.

As I sat down, three people entered the room to be of assistance. Sugar Bear – whom I had known for many years – said, “Pastor, sit down, we’re going to take good care of you.” She quickly pulled out a Blood Pressure monitor and proceeded to check my levels. Jeremy, – whom I was meeting for the first time – took my other wrist and began to check my Heart Rate. Deacon Traci – another longtime friend – brought a glass of water and told me to drink all of it. She has such a commanding presence and a real gift for taking care of pastors, I dared not to question her. Janice – another longtime friend – entered the room and said, “I was watching you in service and I knew something was wrong.” In that moment and in the surrounding presence of each of them, a calmness began to settle inside of me.

In a matter of minutes, we discovered that my Blood Pressure had dropped to 72/60, which explained the symptoms I was experiencing. They continued to administer the water and had even sent someone to the store to purchase Sea Salt.

My body suddenly got very cold and I was shaking in an uncontrollable manner. This caused a sudden sense of panic inside of me and Sugar Bear wrapped her jacket around me, while Jeremy sent for Pastor David – whom I had never met – a professional nursing instructor.

I was sure they were getting ready to call 911 and I was going to the hospital – something I hate to do. Sugar Bear handed him a Glucose Monitor and determined that my Blood Sugar was also low. By this time, five people were checking my vitals, giving me water and feeding me to expeditiously raise my levels. It was as if Angels had been dispatched all around me. At that moment, an overwhelming sense of gratitude arose from within and I began to thank God, and each of them, then began to weep. I was very clear that this story could have unfolded very differently! And I was grateful that I was in the right place, with the right people, at the right time. Not long after, getting my levels back to normal, they escorted me back in worship service, then afterward to the dining hall to share a meal with the other pastors. Janice took my car keys and had her son drive me home to Oakland, while she followed in her car. (Mind you, she was headed home to Sacramento – but took the time to do this for me).

I missed the entire sermon and some of the songs, but I certainly did not miss worship. In fact, all five of them were my own personal ministers. I REALLY went to church last Sunday and I REALLY saw THE church for the first time. It was nothing like I had ever imagined it or how I was taught it looked. Five people – Angels – took care of me and it didn’t matter if they were white or black, same gender loving or heterosexual, bi-sexual or trans-gender. If I had been in the emergency room, I would have never questioned the nurses or the doctors taking care of me, so why do we do it in the church? What mattered most in that moment, was that they knew that Jesus never said what his people were supposed to look like, he said “you will know my people by their love – and the greatest among us would be the one who serves.”

Rev. Cheryl D. Ward
Cheryl Ward Ministries

International Menu to Better Health…

As the weather begins to change and we prepare for the cooler temperatures of Autumn, it is time to consider ways to remain healthy without receiving a flu shot….ouch!
One of the concerns I have with the new Health care reform is what are the educational efforts being put forth by health care professionals which offer alternatives to promoting pharmaceutical drugs.

I came across an article that shares ethnic foods, and their preparations, which are naturally effective at maintaining healthy immune systems. Click here to read the article:

Instead of living to eat, let’s eat to live. Peace.

Off to the Doctor We Go…

Now that health care reform is a federal mandate, it is important that U.S. citizens take advantage of screenings that can detect problems before they become emergency room situations. In the recent AARP Bulletin, I saw an article that highlights an awareness campaign between AARP and radio personality Tom Joyner.

Check the information here…and take action.


We Can’t Weight Any Longer…

We Can’t Weight Any Longer…

As one who has never had a weight issue, other than trying to gain a few pounds so as to fill out the back of my pants, I am still quite concerned and empathetic with those who struggle mightily in the other direction. The article I saw here is another alarm that is blaring loudly to our citizenry. Many of us have at least one family member who is affected by the issues of obesity, heart disease and diabetes. They are a trio that is taking people to the grave much too early in life. Read this and share it where applicable…