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Playing the hand you are dealt…

Playing the hand you are dealt…

I was in the locker room this morning at the local fitness club I frequent, when I heard two gents discussing the fairness of life. As usual the banter went back and forth between them about the seeming inequalities of wealth, health and happiness. As it neared the conclusion, one gent summed it up with that saying we have all heard, “you just got to play the hand you are dealt in life.”

It caused me to ponder…do we really have to accept the hand/cards we are dealt? We have so many examples of people who have overcome adversities in their childhood to become Olympic champions, educational scholars and spiritual leaders, why then, must we tell someone, especially our children, that you’ve got to play the hand you are dealt?

As I am not much of a poker player, even that game allows for at least one card, and sometimes up to four, to be exchanged. Why not give our fellowman, who is currently down on his luck, the same encouragement? Somewhere, at some time, he too will get his pair of Aces, and be able to feel the wind at his back once more.

Today, commit to something that will move you through a “stuck” position. Call a friend to say hello…give the “brother” on the corner a few coins…say a prayer for that couple who is going through hell, trying to raise their children in these challenging times. Then check out your cards at the end of the day….A ROYAL FLUSH!