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O.M.G. (Older Man’s Gift)

As I contemplate the pending ascension of my soon-to-be freshman in high school daughter, Meisha Kalila, I take a look around to see how quickly this all came about. It feels like it was just a few short years ago when I accompanied her to her first day of Kindergarten, this bouncy, yet shy girl who could already speak another language other than English. Her day care provider, Sara Chinchilla, a woman born in El Salvador, had been mindful to teach Meisha and the other children trusted to her care, the language of her native land. And now, my bi-lingual five year old was ready to begin her formal education.

Within three days the kindergarten teacher had consulted with the principal of the school to say that this Lampkin kid was not going to last long in her classroom. Seems that she was a bit more advanced than most of the children and she feared that she would be bored. And so, in just one week, Meisha had been promoted to first grade. It was quite an auspicious beginning to her educational journey.

It didn’t get any easier from that point forward. For it was then that we saw how mean kids can be…when it was learned that the first graders in Meisha’s class would tease her for not being a “real first grader.”

Just one week ago I saw my daughter walking proudly with many of those same kids who are also preparing to become high school students. No one had anything to say about the girl who was a full year younger than many of them. A girl who, when she felt like it. held her ground with each of them scholastically and athletically. Yes, the distance between them that had seemed so cavernous eight years ago is now the bridge that they individually and collectively traverse.

What a gift she has been to me. A father once more at the age of 48 years…

I know that the chance to share my story with her, in an effort to inform her of the possibilities available in this life, is what I seek to impart. The challenges we face as a nation, as a people and a family must be channeled in a positive, yet honest, conversation for Meisha to grasp. Truth with tender love is a recipe for a nurtured soul capable of serving humankind in ways that we may all gain benefit.

Today, as I have been for all of her days of living, I am a proud Father.

The next time you see the letters OMG, think of something other than Oh my God. I do.


Awaiting Autumn

Awaiting Autumn

This time of year is always so nostalgic for me….football fever is rampant everywhere, the leaves on the neighborhood trees are beginning to turn colors and the sun is setting much too early for my taste. It is truly autumn and the end of summer. I even took my daughter and her cousins to a pumpkin patch and corn maze over the weekend. Though it was not one of the items on my bucket list, it is something I am glad to have shared with her. One day when I am an old geezer, she might remind me of the adventure. I hope she will have fond memories of the experience.

This blog has been such an inspirational experience for me this year. For it has kept me focused and committed to writing and creating content, even when I did not feel like doing either. It has also caused me to read other writer’s blogs and learn from them the importance of staying on course and not giving way to the barriers that are always present; writers block, too busy, nobody is commenting, and other such self-defeating brain noise.

I want to thank all of you who have followed me this far and encouraged my endeavor. It means more to me than I can say to have you as witnesses to my mid-life renewal. My mother used to tell me that I was going to have my greatest success in my older years. I hope I will still be able to enjoy it. Hear and see it, too.

As I think of my mother, and what would have been her 80th birthday this week, I am smiling and giving thanks to God for her sacrifices to my siblings and me. And the older I get the more I understand the frustrations she felt when looking into the mirror and seeing a person staring back at her whose mind still thought of being younger, but whose appearance was not congruent with the thoughts in her head. Fortunately for me, I have abandoned the idea that I can still play full court basketball with younger men…heck, I am only good for a game of HORSE these days.

Enjoy these last days of summer and the unfolding of autumn. May the pleasant memories of your childhood dance in your mind as we ease into the latter months of 2010. Who knows, if we are lucky, maybe this time next year Brett Favre will be like us and actually watch a football game on TV.