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Think Pink…

Think Pink…

Pop Quiz: tell me three things that come to mind when I say the color pink…

* Pink Panther
* Pepto Bismol
* National Football League

I am in awe, as we are now mid-October, to see the amazing marketing campaign that has big, hulking men who are trying to hit each other harder than one can imagine, wearing pink gloves, helmet chin straps and cleated shoes. And they are proud to do it.

There is likely no one in America who has not been affected by breast cancer. I have a sister, cousin and numerous friends who are breast cancer survivor/warriors. The initially frightening news that a person/family has to come to grips with is no longer a badge of shame or embarrassment. Like the proverbial elephant in the room that everyone can see, but no one wants to address, we are finally looking breast cancer squarely in the eye and saying, boo.

The awareness of the need for getting mammograms, and other early detection tests is helping our mothers, sisters and spouses to live…and not the sad alternative. Kudos to all of the agencies involved in this life-saving awareness campaign.

Every brother, son and husband should be proudly wearing a pink wristband, at the minimum, thus ensuring that we talk about how blessed we are to have those life-affirming women still walking among us today. And then, brethren, make our own appointments to get our prostate exams. Oh yes, this is an equal opportunity life raft.

Cancer need not continue to be a death sentence for us either. Let’s take a cue from the breast cancer advocates and shine the light in the darkness. And choose life.