Still Getting taxed after Retirement…

Working after Retirement…still getting taxed?

If you are one of the many people who decide to continue working, and earning income after you have begun receiving Social Security benefits/income, you will want to read this article: How to stay out of IRS trouble.

Some of us with children yet in high school (stop laughing) or college, we know that we will be working, and not retiring, for a number of additional years. However, there are some people who are receiving SS benefits and are now seeking to get out of the house due to boredom, or are in need of supplemental income.


With inflation on the rise and a continued fight about SS benefit dollars from the U. S. Congress, it is wise to know how to steer clear of the IRS and their desire to tax your incomes. Now that I visit a local Senior Center in my city of residence, I learned what is legal…and wanted to pass this information along to you.

Feel free to share this with others whom you know and let’s insure that no one has to face an IRS inquiry.


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