Privileged Paralysis

Privileged Paralysis

In this time of trauma and turmoil, both at home and abroad, it is telling how silent and still the majority of Whites are about everything. Whether about the latest revelations of how the trump family and friends co-opted, in 2016, with Russian operatives, to subvert our presidential election, or the latest news where an unarmed and innocent person of color is murdered by a “peace officer”, it is quiet amongst the majority.

As a man of more than 60 years, I am at a loss in my ability to comprehend all of this. For I, like most of us educated in the American school systems, have been indoctrinated from my early years about how great America is. Whether it is in the area of sports, education, and commerce, we were always made to believe that we, the US of A, held the flag high for moral justice. Yet, were not we the same nation that held on to Jim Crow laws long after slavery…because, it was still believed, by those whose skin pigmentation is light, that they were the favored race?

So much is discussed about the privilege that Whites have created in America. Whether it is the opportunities afforded in education, employment or social settings, the fact that they have always known it is there’s to control and gain benefit, gave them a sense of security that is now under attack.

The number of “legal” immigrants that have been welcomed into our nation, from Europe, Vietnam, and other countries ravaged by uncivilized wars, was acceptable as long as Whites remained in the drivers seat. But, over the past 10 years it has been stated that by 2050, Whites will no longer be that majority “race” in America. And that is, it seems, when things began to change.

What we are witnessing is the tipping point in America, where Whites are feeling what everyone else has always felt all along. Uncertainty. Doubt. Fear.

Welcome to the real world that you constructed.

We ask that you now join us in seeing the truth of what is evident to the “new majority.” Speak out against the greed, income inequality, sexism and misogyny. Speak out against brutal policing and an unjust judicial system that refuses to punish racists that hide behind a badge and the “thin blue line.”

The America that you have believed in can be a reality. For all of us. It will require your active participation and the peeling away of your privilege. Like the deer that is paralyzed by the headlights of the oncoming car, it is time to react. Let us hear your voice. Show your support. Demand justice. We either rise or lose it all. One Nation, Under God with Liberty and Justice for ALL.


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