Push Up and away for fitness…

Mark : July 1, 2010 6:18 am : Fitness

Push up and away for fitness…

I am so excited, as we are now six months into 2010, and knowing that many of you who follow me on this blog are accomplishing things that you committed to back in January. Congratulations to you for sticking to a new program of thought and actions.

My recent trip to my hometown allowed me to see that my 15 years and counting program of healthy living; daily eating of fruits and veggies, regular weekly workouts with cardio and weight training, and getting no less than 5 hours of sleep nightly is a major factor in my looking a number of years younger than many of my childhood friends.

What do you want to look and feel like in the next 6 months? Will you have shed a couple of inches off that waistline? Will you take the stairs instead of the elevator? What will your blood pressure reading look like? Your pulse? Cholesterol?

Here is a quiz I found online and thought you might benefit from taking it as did I. What we don’t know can do more damage than having the information. Have fun and be honest. Your life may depend on it. Peace.

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