Hands Up, Don’t Watch NFL…

Hands Up, Don’t Watch…

It has been a strange week in America.

We have witnessed one of the most powerful and destructive hurricanes devastate many Caribbean nations and Florida. The damage to property and loss of life, between Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, is staggering.

Somehow, the first week of official NFL games were played…and to view some photos from various locations in stadiums that had thousands of empty seats. Hmmm. What could this be attributed to?

Then add the recent revelation that Seattle Seahawks All-Pro Michael Bennett was racially profiled and threatened, at gunpoint, by a Las Vegas police officer; I must now ask you, you who have not the desire nor fortitude, to see the truth, what don’t you understand about the Colin Kaepernick situation?

The fact that every NFL teams ownership has passed on even inviting Kaepernick in to see if he is in shape to play…let alone make their squad, is atrocious. Yet, you will spend much of your Sunday yelling at the TV…talking about how YOUR team is doing.

Your Team?

It is time to say no more NFL until they break their collusion.

There is power in UNITY.


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