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IF There’s A Will…

Mark : May 20, 2014 6:50 am : Financial Services

As we are soon entering the beautiful days of summer, and we become ensconced in the fun and frivolity of the season, it is imperative to consider the all-important what if…

What if I am incapacitated due to illness or injury.

What if I die due to illness or accident.

What if…

Having an estate plan in place is not just for the wealthy. It is a plan that is a road map for our loved ones to follow should one of many What if’s occur. Here is an article that gives sound advice to us all.

Once we take care of a few legal issues, we can then truly enJoy these soon-to-be-sweet days of Summer. To get an estate plan for less than the cost of a bottled water per day, go here:


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Don’t Drown in Debt…

Mark : May 5, 2010 8:50 am : Financial Services

Don’t Drown in Debt…

It is amazing that in a time such as this where financial matters are in the forefront of everything we read, hear and discuss, that consumers knowledge of debt is at an all-time low. Known to be a rather fiscally responsible person, both personally and professionally ( not cheap ), I am glad to share an article by Dave Ramsey that may help you rethink your position on the matter of debt.

Check it out here and let me know what you think: The Truth About Debt

We are truly in a time which will require us to reevaluate our understanding of how we are to use money for the things we really NEED, not for everything that we are being SOLD. I have long been amazed at how people are led to buy things that will be out of style and/or tossed into the back of the closet before it has been fully paid for.

If you truly seek to have a better outcome for you and your family with regards to money and how to best use it, learn to walk away from at least one thing this week that you feel compelled to purchase; especially if you have to finance it by credit card.

Now, grab that life preserver and I’ll pull you back to safety.



Financial Advice

Mark : March 20, 2010 4:58 pm : Financial Services

I just checked my mail box today and still no stimulus money form President Obama and the BIG BANK guys…
What must we do to get a piece of that $700 Billion dollar back-room-dealing dough?

It seems that the longer I wait for clarity from the Ben Bernanke’s of the world, the further away I get from my financial goals. My task here is to have selected “experts” in the world of finance and investing to provide information and guidance as we endeavor to rebuild our “net worth” and seek true wealth, not just money. Because as soon as we seem to get some money, the Feds change the game and our money isn’t worth the ink that is used to color the paper. So, stay tuned and take notes…we are in a new session of “Let’s Make A Deal.” And this time we are looking behind door number two before opening it. Peace.

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