Conscience or Convenience?

As we approach the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas season…it’s ironic that somehow we’ve gone from a time of year that was about family and food, to one that promotes and embodies consumerism. A time now that many look forward to only in hopes of saving lots of money while shopping on Black Friday.

As a kid, and even later as an adult, I knew it was important to get the food, beverages and any items needed for the family meal, the days before Thanksgiving or Christmas, because of the knowledge that nothing would be open on those days. What you did not have…you did without. It made meal and event planning something everyone had to participate in. To forget the eggnog, or cherry pie would be scorned upon by all who had their taste buds ripe and ready. You got it right or got talked about.

Somewhere in the past 20 years the owners of grocery, department and corner stores decided that their perceived loss of revenue was more important than allowing their employees time off to spend with loved ones. We now have a generation of adults who have never known a time when Walgreens or Wal-Mart were not open for their needs to be immediately satisfied.

Is it unreasonable for us as Mothers, Fathers, and friends to insist that our family members be afforded time to fellowship in the old-fashioned American way? Somehow, in the never-ending-drama that is the Republican or Democratic debates, not one candidate dare suggest that family values outweigh net profits. Not one.

So, I challenge you, my friends, to NOT shop on Black Friday or Thanksgiving Day.


Will you join me to make a powerful statement by boycotting the mass hysteria that is created by profit-driven corporations? Or, will you go along like too many who have no recollection of what it means to have the entire family around the table? I am counting on you to honor Conscience. Not convenience.

And should your lights go out over the holidays…just light candles and tell stories. Those memories will last forever. Not who ran out to get replacement bulbs…


Family Eating Thanksgiving Dinner --- Image by © Larry Williams/CORBIS
Family Eating Thanksgiving Dinner — Image by © Larry Williams/CORBIS

One thought on “Conscience or Convenience?”

  1. What a powerful message! I join you in support of these family values. I will not shop on ‘Black Friday’; for even this name speaks for itself. Thx for such a great post on the importance of family, and love, and awareness.

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