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The Corporate Way…

The Corporate Way

I was reminded recently as to why I no longer work in the corporate environment. This past April I began a very part time employment, as a driver, for a national rental car company. One of their benefits is an employee discount for employees and family member when a rental vehicle is needed.

Since my P T Cruiser was on life-support, I saw this as an opportunity to pick up a few dollars and to also have use of a vehicle at a discount. They win, because they get a brand ambassador at a deep discount. I win, because it will allow me the use of a vehicle prior to my next purchase.

My 20 years in corporate home health care services shaped me as to understanding how important first impressions are to a service-oriented organization. Heck, this rental car company is getting a steal-of-a-deal.

All had been going along quite well. Until a few weeks ago.

One night at local restaurant, my rental vehicle was vandalized. As it is required for any employee rental, the car is covered via the full service insurance for such accidents. Thus, I returned the vehicle and had a new agreement written up for another car.

A regional corporate employee spotted the damaged vehicle on the back lot. He began asking questions…and saw that I, an employee of that location, have been renting this vehicle for a number of months. And it was said, that this person expressed their displeasure at such an arrangement to a few of the branch employees. Not cool.

Well, I finally got the call Friday. The call to come into the office.

Rather than go into details about the conversation, I choose to use this opportunity to remind others, that a corporate entity is a pyramid. It’s structure is one that creates a hierarchy that induces those above to maintain order and protect their assets; income, position and perks. Everyone below must toe the line. It’s all about the bottom line.

So, now I am in that place again, similar to November 1999, when I had to discern where and to whom I would give my time and talents. Eighteen years ago I made a bold decision to walk away from the corporate game, and trust that I had the resolve and talents to succeed. I have had my share of challenges since then, but am grateful to the Creator that I am still here and above water.

Fridays meeting, and it’s reminder that the majority of American corporations see their employee’s as tools and not as talents, gives me fresh fire to build on. Just like 1999, I will not subvert my time or talents for a few silver coins.


How Big is YOUR Bowl?

How Big is YOUR Bowl?

As business owners we are so busy each day/week/month…that we lose sight of a very important aspect of our business…GROWTH.

We are engaged each day in the daily operations of running the business that we forget to step back a bit, take a different look and then plan for the next phase of business growth.

• Addition of a new product line or service
• Hiring of additional staff
• Opening of another branch/office/unit

The building of our business is akin to the goldfish in the bowl…yes, that one we received as a kid. We watched it incessantly. Over fed it. Stuck our finger in the bowl when our parents weren’t looking….

Then something magical happened. The fish began to grow…and grow…until it was time to purchase another bowl, for it had now outgrown its original environment.

Is it time for a new bowl?

We can help you examine and create a plan-of-action to move you from stagnation to Expansion. Let’s chat today…


Asking Why…What…How?

I came across a post online today and thought it was a good one to share. It reflected upon the problem-solving strategy developed by Taiichi Ohno,
Former Executive Vice President of Toyota Motor Corporation, that would enlist employees who have encountered a problem to Ask Why 5 Times. Interesting. No placing blame…scapegoating…denials. Just an awareness of the problem and then involving others to ask Why 5 times….

Take a look here and consider how you go about problem-solving. At home. At work. In your business.

Maybe we can learn something from this example…and get to the “root” of the problem sooner. And with less emotional fallout.


Working From YOUR Why…

What is Your WHY?

In the majority of sales/marketing/Direct Selling training, we hear someone mention the importance of knowing WHY you are doing your business. It is written down thousands of times, discussed among your organizations, yet, still remains the least understood aspect of moving people from mediocrity to success.

I know what matters most to me: creating value for the customers who trust their businesses growth and legal protection to me….building a solid organization of persons who want to improve their lives through via the Legal Shield business model, establishing a college fund for my daughter, Meisha, so that her going to the college of her choice is not determined by her parents ability to pay…to name just a few.

In reviewing videos on the Internet this past Sunday, I came across a video from Ray Higdon, who has shared his story of recovery from financial disaster to now, a life of prosperity and service to others.

Take a look at it here:

We can do well by doing good. I welcome your feedback.


Fear Factor…

One of the zaniest shows on television in the last 20 years has to be Fear Factor. This program centered on contestants who were required to complete an array of activities which could include eating Buffalo testicles, allowing tarantula spiders to crawl on your face, and being submerged in a bathtub full of water filled with leeches.

Now, as brave as I consider myself, it is doubtful that I would have completed many of those stunts…..even for a Fifty Thousand dollar winning prize. Nope. Not me.

In considering what it is that causes many of us to remain at our present levels in our business life, personal life and other areas of our lives…it always comes down to the belief in FEAR;


I am facing my own misdirected beliefs, as I prepare to close out the month in my Legal Shield business. The desire to earn more money is directly tied to the belief in either success or failure that dominates my philosophy. One of my online mentors is Eric Worre of Network Marketing Pro. In this segment he discusses the element of Fear that we all must face…and overcome.

Take a look at this short video to hear Eric’s perspective…

Then consider giving yourself permission to kick fear in the face…


Can a retiree Retire?

As a solo-preneur for the past 13 years, and with a 10 year old daughter entering middle school this fall, I do not see myself retiring for another 15 years…easily. And, I am ok with that vision of continuing to build my media services business and my home based Legal Shield business. The risks and rewards that are inherent as a self employed person are at times both exciting and nerve wrecking.

What is becoming all too familiar, as I meet and talk with my fellow soon-to-be 60 years young friends, many of whom have or will be retiring soon, is that they are not prepared to have a lifestyle that will require them to live off of 40% less money than they are accustomed to…..nobody said retirement would be easy. Or cheap. When I speak with individuals, as well as small groups, I often suggest that they consider developing a home-based business to give them something to do as well as create some much-needed income. I found this article and wanted to share it with you all…

For information on my company, click here:
There are many options…find one or two and BUILD.


A Story is Worth….

It is the end of June…and I was able to witness the setting of the sun on the Summer Solstice…actually watched it disappear into the Pacific Ocean…breathtaking. One day, when I am older, yes, that is possible, I pray, and I am talking about my life adventures with my great grand children, I will likely recall the sunset experience to them. I will do my best to embellish it with words that will properly describe what my eyes took in that evening. No matter how colorful my words and delivery, it is still my story. One of many that I have gathered along my life-journey.

As I am now in my second year of building my Legal Shield business, I am often asked by potential customers and business associates, why did I join. What caused me to get serious with the service…and the business opportunity. And without skipping a beat, I tell my story. I do not talk about a 40 year old company…or that it has a great compensation plan for, I tell the story of how a letter from an attorney forced my older brother to give me a copy of my father’s will; after weeks of asking him and being put off. And that the service helped me with an IRS audit…and a family law matter. No fancy numbers or titles or earnings by Associates…just me sharing how the legal service has positively resolved those matters in my life without incurring a bill from the attorneys. Sharing those life stories has been the deciding factor for most of the people who have purchased the service and/or joined me as an Associate with Legal Shield.

What is your story? Why do you do what you do? Whose story have you listened to recently? The more I come to appreciate the value and necessity of asking for and sharing our stories. Make it a habit this week to ask a friend or colleague about something…and really listen.

A well respected Network Marketing Pro, Eric Worre, had something to say as well about this subject. Take a look here: