B-Movie 2…

The great philosopher/musician Gil Scott Heron wrote a song in 1981, after the election to the US Presidency of Ronald Reagan, named “B Movie.” It was never a commercial hit, likely because of it’s raw content, lashing out at the unbelievable election of this B movie actor…to the highest office in the Nation.

I loved the song…from the first time I heard it. Today, as we are witnessing the daily tweets, comments and disparaging disrespects, by Donald Trump, towards any and everyone whom he deems disloyal, this song reminds me of how little we have moved since 1981. How little we have learned about what we need to do to thrive here in our nation and as citizens of the world.

When you have seven minutes, listen to the song. Hear how piercing are its lyrics. You may be reminded, if you were alive then, or now privy to if you are under 35years of age, of how unqualified Reagan was to be the POTUS. How he changed positions and beliefs in order to appease whomever he deemed important. Yet, here we are today, with someone even more unqualified to lead our country…who tells us how his victory in November’s election was the largest ever…his mandate. His delusion.

Wake up America. The nostalgia that Reagan and tRump espouse is nothing but a smoke screen to blind us all to their true end game. An empire state run by the elites. By 1982, the US was in a major recession. Reagan raised taxes six times in the next 2 years, in an effort to stimulate the economy. Yet, he is remembered as a President who cut taxes. He who tells the story gets to write it to his/her liking.

We cannot allow this generation’s “B-movie” to play itself out. We have too much at stake. Our children, our economy and our world are begging for us to stand up and make it right.

Here is the link to listen to the prophetic message of “B-Movie.


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