“Success in life is not just about whether or not we see the glass as half full or half empty, but about who you believe is holding the pitcher….”
Mark E. Lampkin

On December 10, 1999 Mark experienced what many of us today are experiencing. He refers to it as either a “jumping off the cliff moment” or a “Predestined Paradigm Opportunity” (The P.P.O. moment). Pathways Hospice handed him his final paycheck, which included a little to get him though the holidays, and said farewell. As they were offering advice on securing another position, Mark took charge and informed them that he was prepared to leave and would be starting in his new position that very night. He was empowered because he was ready to own his future. This was his P.P.O. moment.
Mark walked right into his home office and started living his passion.

As CEO of Mark Lampkin.com and M.E. Lampkin Media Services for the past 20 years, Mark is successful at everything he puts his mind to. A high school basketball official at the highest level, prior corporate marketing director, motivational speaker and someone devoted to helping others achieve their dreams, Mark captures the attention of people in every walk of life. He believes that your desires are always within your reach. Join him as he teaches you to S.O.A.R. and see the world from a higher plateau.