Getting Started on the new journey-2010

In the business of producing videos, we use professional cameras that have been calibrated to “see” an image. Regardless of who or what that is, it has the ability to focus upon that impression and see it clearly. As the operator of the camera, I can make adjustments via the iris ring to sharpen the focus of my subject. One movement forward or backward can make the image less clear than before. Subsequently, I must readjust my settings to bring the image into focal clarity again.

How much is life like the focusing of a video camera? We have it all set, can see clearly what we are observing, the direction we want to go, the people we want to associate with…and then life shifts; yet, we still expect to see things the way they were instead of making the required adjustment…in our minds, hearts and spirits. If we had to manually adjust our eyesight whenever an object we were observing moved, maybe we would be better able to shift our mental focus when a life shift starts to take place.

As this new year/decade is unfolding, be ready to adjust the “mental iris” in your mind when the inevitable happens. You get laid off from you job, your car breaks down again, your children bring home less-than-perfect-reports….it is just movement in life and we must make the adjustment in order to better see what is really happening. More importantly, we have to see what we need to do differently to achieve an outcome that is beneficial to all involved.

Be open to the shift and ready to change your focus when life moves…..


The Silver Surfer