3 Days to Sixty Years…

They Don’t See…

One of my favorite songs by my All Time Favorite music group, Earth Wind & Fire, is entitled “They Don’t See.” It is a song that seeks to share the message that through the troubles and triumphs of life, the disappointments and despair, our faith in God is what sustains us.

Now that the next decade of my life is upon me…I ponder what has really changed in the past 40 years?

“Saw a man the other day, said he was giving up his faith, going to turn his back on God, make his way twice as hard.
We both said were fools, but can I really be? To say it for real he was, quite in misery.”

I struggle, more lately than ever it seems, to not become another older, cynical man who laments over the “good old days”, all the while crying the tears of a clown as I see a lack of humanity in the world today. How can we as a nation continue to act like the moral authority in the world, yet have more citizens imprisoned than any other “civilized” nation? With such a wide disparity in wealth distribution? So many children still living in poverty…

What are we to do as we seek to make a difference in the lives of our children? In our local communities? Nationally? When our politicians and corporate moguls play monopoly with our economy? I ask these questions in hope of getting a dialogue started that will not just create pretty proclamations, but will tear down and rebuild the structures that continue to separate each of us from the beauty and possibilities that exist when we better understand our need for unified progress.

“Well, I read my news. Ain’t nothing changed, ain’t nothing improved.
Pain comes down like the falling rain,
But your soul don’t feel the same.”

“When you love, love is all you are.”

Love is the answer…I hope that WE can see.


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