36 Days to Sixty Years…

The Fool on The Hill…

In listening to a local jazz radio station today, I hear them announce that Sergio Mendes, a noted Brazilian musician and songwriter, was coming to the Bay Area in January. I was glad to hear that he was still alive and working…and am considering purchasing tickets to see him play in person. I was reflecting upon his song, The Fool On The Hill, even as the radio personality shared a number of his hits, but nothing touched me as much as the one that I remembered as a child.

It has such an easy melody, and simple lyrics. So refreshingly different from the computerized and mechanical sound being created today. It caused me to feel nostalgic. Reflecting upon a time, when life seemed so much simpler.

This weekend in the United States has seen the largest protests since the civil rights era of the early 1960’s and the Vietnam protests of the late 1960’s. The lack of indictments of police officers who have killed innocent, and unarmed Black men is at a crisis level.

The civil-rights protests of my childhood were successful because people from all ages and ethnic groups banded together to force the US government to recognize the humanity of its African-American citizens.

And the anti-war protests, seen as unpatriotic by many, were fueled by young, White and, often privileged, youth who had no desire to follow in their father’s footsteps of serving in a military that had been exposed as less-than-honest in it’s justification of America’s presence in SouthEast Asia.

So, I sit and listen to the song now, approaching a life milestone of 60 Years, and I wonder will I see the next level of change take place in America? Before I die? Or will I be like the subject of that song by Sergio Mendes, and know that this world of ours will keep spinning round…even as we make the changes to treat each man and woman with the dignity inherent by their Godly birthright. Will I be seen and not heard?

I will continue to climb up the mountain…so as to get a better view of this life. I pray that the view only gets better from higher ground and hope that someone is listening to the voices of those of us who have weathered a life storm or two to get to this place…

EnJoy the song: The Fool on The Hill

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One thought on “36 Days to Sixty Years…”

  1. Your road to sixty years is very inspiring. Thank you for the sneak peek into your life. You are a great teacher.

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