90 Days of Recklessness…

As a businessperson, marketer, and success coach I am of the knowledge that a new habit takes between 40-90 days to take root. It is during that time period when we are able to release the bad habits that keep us out-of-alignment from achieving our hearts desires. Midway throughout that time line we are gradually shifting from those ill-advised habits to ones that will better serve humanity and us. With wonder we then can look back and see that our new behaviors have furrowed new pathways of thoughts and actions, which are now bearing productive fruit.

In these United States of America we have been witness to a 90-day period that is unprecedented in our history. Or, at least since the 90 days immediately after the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. It was then that the new president, Andrew Johnson, began dismantling the agreements put into place by Lincoln, which were going to provide financial assistance to the newly freed African Americans who were now free citizens.

What we are trying to grasp as the 45th president, Donald tRump, seeks to dismantle many of the milestone achievements of his predecessor, Barack Obama, is as unsettling as it is bad policy. I wonder how many of those who cast their vote for this ill-equipped proprietor of the Oval Office, are regretting their choice. How many had hopes that he was going to honor his campaign promises…none of which he has fulfilled. Even while the Republicans control all three branches of government.

So, now we are between 90-100 days of this new president, and he has proven that not everyone can make the requisite changes needed to truly enJoy the success that comes from achievement. It is true that unless we learn from our previous bad-habit outcomes, we will continue to chase the tail that can never be caught. Tragically, there are 300 million Americans who are likely to be at risk due to this mental midget’s morass.

I can only hope that someone with the proper medications and morality will begin to regain control of this out-of-control stagecoach. Otherwise, hold on tight as we head for the cliffs…


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