Fast Forward to the Past…

Fast Forward to the Past…

What a time in which we are living.

A boastful imbecile sits in the chair of the most powerful office in our nation. His ignorance of world affairs, national economic needs, and inability to call out domestic terrorism is obvious to all but his fervent, though continually dwindling, support base.

In the past 72 hours we have witnessed a white-nationalist march, an anti-racist rally, and the death of three Americans…at the hands of men and women who are proud to be labeled alt-right neo Nazis. The United States has seemingly been thrust backwards to the 1950’s. And this nation’s president refuses to denounce such

Maybe this is the spark that must ignite the flames needed to burn away any pretense of decency that some of us have hoped existed within the mind of Donald tRump.

Our nation is mired in a paralysis of failed leadership the likes of which anyone under the age of 35 has never seen. It reminds me of the first 2 years of Ronald Reagan’s presidency. He, like tRump, was so ill qualified to lead our nation. Yet, it was his façade and intonations about nostalgia, coined in his phrase, “it’s morning in America,” that swelled up the chests and minds of his fervent followers. And within one year we were mired in a deep economic recession.

The America in which we now live will not accept the hate-filled comments and actions of any group. We will stand up and stand
together to resist and defeat those who use fear and violence to subdue progress.

Teach your children about the importance of rejecting these types of assaults on living together as brothers and sisters. A nation that can prosper without judgment. Without condemnation. Without hate.

The world that we leave for them requires a unified defense. And each of us must play our part. Put on your uniform. Be ready for your moment. Our nation needs you.