Time 4 Livin’

It has been quite an interesting 8 weeks in America.

The election cycle to end all election cycles; full of deceit, Russian hackers, WikiLeak accusations, media manipulations and expressed genital grabs…we are now poised to inaugurate as President of the United States, the most unqualified person in my lifetime. Hillary has gone back to her luxurious lifestyle with Bill and Chelsea. Bernie Sanders is still banging his drum to wake up the Milenials….and our populace wonders what the next tweet that will come from DJTrump. It is a bit surreal for those of us who do not read the grocery-store tabloids like National Enquirer.

And then today, as I sat and watched a movie about the challenges facing those in our country who are without a home in which to live, “Time Out of Mind” with Richard Gere, it hit me. It’s Time for Livin’. In this song from Sly and the Family Stone back in the mid ’70’s, it shares the need to change, rearrange, to not pass the buck. In essence, time to take responsibility for our lives. Not the Government. Not any outside entity.

We. Us. Now.

I am committed to doing my best to utilize the God-given gifts and talents that will create a better life for me, my family, my community and those who are in my ever-widening circle of life. Will you join me?

Take a few minutes to listen to the words of Sly here:

The next few months and years will require each and all of us to be our very best…