What’s the Truth about %?

What’s the truth about 50/50, 60/40..?

I was thinking today about the trust that most of us place in the various media and journalistic outlets that seem to be everywhere. They range from printed articles, online op-ed pieces and the ever-nauseous talk radio blather. How many times do we hear about something being a particular percentage and we simply take it at face value?

The first that comes to my mind is the old 2% milk…that looked like regular milk with a bit of water added to dilute. The taste was not really any different…and this was long before any of us knew or understood what lactose-intolerance meant.

Even along side of that in the dairy section was the small container of half and half. Something that seemed akin to a combination of whole milk and cream? I often wondered why it got the short carton? Was it so good…that it could only be administered in pint size doses?

Then there are the items of clothing; a shirt is 60% cotton and 40% PolyEsther. Who would challenge those numbers? What if the machine operators for that day switched around the fabric spools…and it is really 60% PolyEsther and 40% cotton. Would you know the difference?

My spin on all of this is how trusting we all have become to the numbers told to us by the “authorities.”

For the next 10 weeks we will be bombarded with poll numbers from various and sundry sources, some familiar, others likely hatched just for this moment in time, all to persuade us to lean one way or the other in this election of government officials. When you hear those numbers…will you stop, just for a moment, and consider what I have posed to you above? Because, if the saying, believe half of what you see and none of what you hear is true, we never really knew if that milk was truly 2%. Did we?

Read. Research. Debate. DO NOT blindly trust what the media will throw at our feet.