When Doves Cry-Prince

April 29, 2016

When Doves Cry…

It’s been one week since the tragic and sudden death of the Artist Prince. It is really interesting how so many of us have felt a deep, personal loss when we heard the news of his passing. And, yet, Prince is someone that most of us have never seen in person nor met.

Why, then, do we feel like we have lost someone so dear to us?

Was it the music that endeared us to him?

Was it his stance against the music industry that made us feel like he knew our struggles against the Corporate machines in America?

Was it his ability to remain scandal-free in the midst of an always-salacious industry that thrives off of misfortune and chaos?

Was it his refusal to “prostitute” his music to make money on TV commercials?

Was it the damn fashion that he embodied that made us proud of his independence?


To all of that.

He was our Prince…who “could take your girl while wearing heels” to quote music mogul L.A. Reid in a recent interview describing his friend, Prince.

I am so very glad that he came our way, and shared his genius for the world to marvel at.

Touch here for the song that always had me torn between smiles and tears.