In God We Trust…

In God We Trust…

It seems that in the chase for more money, dineros, Benjamins, there is such irony in four words that are prominent on the bills of our currency, “In God We Trust.” Those words are once again at the center of a controversy in Congress, as to whether they belong on the currency of a nation that is ever-leaning away from it’s once Christian based majority.


I had a thought today, as I considered what a Christian believer might think about the expectation that The Creator, God, Yahweh, might be looking for from them. Might He want people to treat each other with more compassion? More love? To feed the hungry? House the homeless? Insure the safety for elders and children?

Yet, today in America, we have an entire city, Flint, Michigan, which has gone without clean water for the past year, because the elected officials wanted to save money…In God We Trust?

In America today, we still have gas prices at elevated levels, even though the trading price of a barrel of oil is less than $30 per barrel. And at-the-pump prices are one dollar ($1.00) per gallon higher in under-served/ghetto neighborhoods, than in those less than three miles away. In God We Trust?

In America today, and particularly every Monday, many congregations make hefty deposits in banks that likely will deny loans to the very same people whose deposits are now in those institutions. In God We Trust?

What might we as a Nation do going forward, in this election year, to embody the values and ethics that the Creator requires of us? Is it at all possible to separate the love of money from the notion that the wealthiest nation on Earth is also the one that has so many isms? Racism. Sexism. Classism. In God We Trust?

In God We Trust.

Maybe He would like to see more proof…