Well Lived Years…

It is often either coincidence or serendipity, or the power of a higher-spirit at work…when we have a strong feeling about something or someone, and that thing, or that person shows up for us. I have had such an experience today.

In my time spent driving in the ever-worsening Bay Area traffic today, something that I usually seek to avoid, I had far too much time to think behind the wheel of my vehicle. During that time, I reflected upon the state of our economy, the political debates that are taking far too much media space with more than a year before the general election for the next U.S. President, and my own mortality.

Everyone, at least in my sphere of friends and colleagues, is reaching one milestone or another recently. Some are achieving the age of 50 years, some now are 60, and yet others are preparing to embark upon new careers and business ventures. And most, if not all of them, have stated that they are seeking to live the remainder of their days seeking to be fulfilled by more than just the pursuit of money.

Now that I am more than halfway into my first year of the 61st year of my life, I am allowing more time to consider what else I wish to experience before my time is up. Knowing that there are more days behind me than are ahead of me, I am mindful of the quality versus quantity equation looking ahead.


And so it is that today I came across a video interview with Tim Ferris, who made his mark with a now-famous book, “The Four Hour Work Week.” His topic in the interview focuses on the importance of creating a well-lived life versus one that is only concerned with longevity. I think it is a subject that is not discussed nearly enough in a society often consumed with how much we can pack into each day/week/month and year of our life.

Take a few minutes and watch it here: