Free Your Mind…

Let it all go…Fear. Doubt. Disbelief.

One of the seminal early scenes in a top 5 Favorite Movies of mine, The Matrix, has Morpheus telling Neo on the rooftop, prior to them jumping from one building to the next…is that line above. “You’ve got to let it all go, Neo. Fear. Doubt and Disbelief.”

It really is a mind game that we play on ourselves, usually more times a day than we want to believe, when we scuttle our better interests because of a fear-based false belief. Neo made a great run to the end of the building, jumps with conviction, having witnessed Morpheus successfully make his jump. Then, not yet halfway towards the target building, he looks down, and in that moment loses his focus, and likely, his faith. He hits the ground below…just like everyone else who had attempted this jump before him.

How many people do we see each day who are in flight, between the two buildings, and are wavering in their faith…and focus? It is quite possible that we all have varying degrees of that loss of belief in what the Creator has for us in this life. We are long past our youthful innocence and ignorant bliss. A time when we believed we could do ANYTHING. And now, at what should be our most powerful and productive years, we listen to long to that voice which says…not Me.

Now, in my new decade of living, I must believe that my best days are ahead of me. I am grateful for the lessons learned from years now behind me, some full of pleasant memories and good times, while others a bit darker and painful from harsh consequences of choices not well made.

Let’s be mindful this year, to ignore those fear-based noisemakers, real and imagined, that would keep us living below our greatness. I challenge you to turn off the TV…and visit your local library. Check out a book or two. Visit a museum and enjoy the art created by those who overcame the shackles and limitations imposed by a society afraid of “differences.”

Ready. Set. Jump. Click here for the Jump Scene…