19 Days to Sixty Years….

I Never Can Say Goodbye.

Sitting on the precipice of a new year, 2015, I reminisce about what 2014 has been for me.

• Meeting new people whom I now call friends
• Saying goodbye to friends who have returned to Spirit
• Making peace with people from whom I have been estranged
• Honoring my Mother in each opportunity to share her story of Love for her family…
• Helping Meisha to navigate her space in the middle school environment
• Being a peacemaker for my Granddaughter and her Grandmother

Alas, as we embark upon a new year, we all look back and wonder. What else could I have accomplished? What should I have done better? Differently? Not said?

It is my sincere hope and belief that 2015 will afford us all new opportunities to be better human beings. I pray that we will learn more about how similar we are, desiring the good things for our children, wanting a safe, happy community in which we can live, versus focusing on the few areas in which we are different. How boring would it be if we all looked, thought and acted like everyone else? Ugggh.

And so I must say goodbye today…to 2014. It has been a grand experience.

Hello 2015. I am ready to live in all the fullness that the Creator has for me. You, too!

EnJoy this piece of iconic music from Mr. Isaac Hayes: http://youtu.be/zKKVIEZPTYk

23 Days to Sixty Years…

No Time for The Pain.

Funny how songs can not only bring back memories of times gone by, but also have the ability to cause us to think about the areas in life that today really mean something. On this Saturday morning, sipping a cup of coffee and reading, while listening to an Internet station playing some oldies music, this song was played. It was refreshing, yet, stirred no historical imagery of my life back in 1974, when it was released.

What it did for me today was to hear its lyrics with a new understanding.

Check out this stanza:

“Suffering was the only thing made me feel I was alive,
Thought that’s just how much it cost to survive in this world,
‘Til you showed me how, how to fill my heart with love,
How to open up and drink in all of that white light
Pouring down from the Heavens…”

As I prepare to step into my next decade of living, I am so thankful to those who have shown me love, even in the midst of my not-so-good choices the past 30 years. The true friends who loved me unconditionally and waited for me to release the pain that seemingly directed my thoughts, words and choices. I am so blessed now to be able to see, feel and TRUST the LOVE that is real and genuine.

And, at this wonderful intersection of my life-journey, I haven’t got time for the pain.

EnJoy this great song from Carly Simon here: http://youtu.be/E3_l5Ss203I?list=RDE3_l5Ss203I


27 Days to Sixty Years…

We are so Beautiful…

As the media wire carried the news of the death of singer Joe Cocker, it caused me to consider how swiftly the years pass by….and how young it feels to be approaching 60 years.

He, Joe Cocker, was “just” 70 years of age.

There was a time when we thought of those numbers, 60 and 70, as “old.” Now, the closer I get to them, the more I realize that the learning opportunities of living are so many. And, the time in which to grasp them seems so miniscule.

In reflecting upon Mr. Cocker and his life, I have a deeper appreciation for what he did…he never wavered from his own “brand” of singing. It was raw, honest, not polished and “made for TV…” He wore clothing that embodied his “everyman” attitude toward his art. Gotta love that he never “sold out for Hollywood.”

That is how I seek to be remembered when my day of transition arrives…and my family and friends are left to consider who I was here on Earth. I did not sell out to the “fad of the month…” I walked and talked the truth. I loved everyone and found the best in each person whom I encountered. In my head I told myself, and where it was prudent to tell others, that you are so beautiful…even if they did not believe it about themselves.

In honor of Mr. Joe Cocker, take a listen to his most famous song, “You Are So Beautiful.”


34 Days to Sixty Years…


For many Americans, especially those over the grand age of 60 years, many of who are on a fixed income, there are some really difficult choices that must be made each month. Not that I know about this personally, yet, but I have heard such a thing from a friend of a friend…

Whether to pay the utility bill and buy food, or buy food and get prescriptions filled. Should new tires be purchased or let the car sit parked in the driveway and catch public transportation.

At a time when people of the 60 years club should be able to relax and enjoy the spoils of their working years…many have very little to show for the many years of their lives that they gave to an employer/business/vocation. With the life expectancy expanding now well into another decade or two, how can one do anything but subsist in an environment that only sees the young as valuable?

Many of us have had some major life changes since the Great Recession of 2008, and are still not quite back to where we were before the economic floor gave way beneath us. Who has the energy to get back into the job force and rebuild again? Social security payments will not even house and feed a healthy, single person, let alone someone whom might have some varied health challenges.

The closer I get to this new 60 year threshold, the more I see it as one that came all too quickly. And I had made some plans…yet; I still could not walk away from my businesses and live comfortably. Nope. I will be in the marketplace for at least another 8 years…until my daughter is well into her college program.

America would do well to create a platform for her wizened-by-life Baby-Boomers who don’t have that bulging nest-egg that is advertised on too many late-night cable programs. We still have a long time left and many lessons to share before we are done. In the mean time, I will keep my lights on and my cupboards filled.

Here’s an article that might provide some insight: read more


36 Days to Sixty Years…

The Fool on The Hill…

In listening to a local jazz radio station today, I hear them announce that Sergio Mendes, a noted Brazilian musician and songwriter, was coming to the Bay Area in January. I was glad to hear that he was still alive and working…and am considering purchasing tickets to see him play in person. I was reflecting upon his song, The Fool On The Hill, even as the radio personality shared a number of his hits, but nothing touched me as much as the one that I remembered as a child.

It has such an easy melody, and simple lyrics. So refreshingly different from the computerized and mechanical sound being created today. It caused me to feel nostalgic. Reflecting upon a time, when life seemed so much simpler.

This weekend in the United States has seen the largest protests since the civil rights era of the early 1960’s and the Vietnam protests of the late 1960’s. The lack of indictments of police officers who have killed innocent, and unarmed Black men is at a crisis level.

The civil-rights protests of my childhood were successful because people from all ages and ethnic groups banded together to force the US government to recognize the humanity of its African-American citizens.

And the anti-war protests, seen as unpatriotic by many, were fueled by young, White and, often privileged, youth who had no desire to follow in their father’s footsteps of serving in a military that had been exposed as less-than-honest in it’s justification of America’s presence in SouthEast Asia.

So, I sit and listen to the song now, approaching a life milestone of 60 Years, and I wonder will I see the next level of change take place in America? Before I die? Or will I be like the subject of that song by Sergio Mendes, and know that this world of ours will keep spinning round…even as we make the changes to treat each man and woman with the dignity inherent by their Godly birthright. Will I be seen and not heard?

I will continue to climb up the mountain…so as to get a better view of this life. I pray that the view only gets better from higher ground and hope that someone is listening to the voices of those of us who have weathered a life storm or two to get to this place…

EnJoy the song: The Fool on The Hill