Asking Why…What…How?

I came across a post online today and thought it was a good one to share. It reflected upon the problem-solving strategy developed by Taiichi Ohno,
Former Executive Vice President of Toyota Motor Corporation, that would enlist employees who have encountered a problem to Ask Why 5 Times. Interesting. No placing blame…scapegoating…denials. Just an awareness of the problem and then involving others to ask Why 5 times….

Take a look here and consider how you go about problem-solving. At home. At work. In your business.

Maybe we can learn something from this example…and get to the “root” of the problem sooner. And with less emotional fallout.


Another Inconvenient Truth…

The state of our nation’s health is directed by industries who profit from the consumption of processed foods. Take a look at this short video and then begin to look at what your family ingests…you will be astounded.

Time to take back our health.