Relay For Life…

The word Cancer does not have to evoke fear anymore…not when there are millions of survivors and volunteers who are witness to the POWER of LOVE. The Relay for Life events are expressions of Love and community coming together. Here is the event at American Canyon, California Middle School

Older AND Wiser…

A Legal Love Letter for your Loved ones
A Legal Love Letter for your Loved ones
Now that many of us are inching closer to the Golden Years of our lives, it is interesting to see many Baby Boomers now are considering long-term relationships that may not include marriage. Having someone to share each day with, and the chronic challenges of bodies that need more time to heal, mixed families that are truly multi-ethnic and multi-generational, we have so much more at stake to gain…and sometimes, if not planned properly, to lose.

Here is an interesting article that shares some tips on ways to minimize the legal challenges you might face should you not have a legal contract in place.