Thankful and Thoughtful…

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, I am mindful, even in the midst of the rebuilding of my business and personal foundation…that I am so blessed. Over the past two weeks we have seen devastation from a typhoon in the Philippines and a tornado in my home state of Illinois. How often do we rail against an inconvenience; waiting in a line too long, not finding a parking space close enough to our store, you get the picture…when in contrast to what our fellow Earth inhabitants are facing, we are so BLESSED.

I have had a song in my head for a few days…written and performed by Sly and the Family Stone, Thankful and Thoughtful.

Hearing and reading the lyrics, from over 40 years ago, show the timeless nature of the need to be ever thankful for the challenges and triumphs in our lifetime. Take a few minutes and listen…and consider what you are thankful for this time of year.


Working From YOUR Why…

What is Your WHY?

In the majority of sales/marketing/Direct Selling training, we hear someone mention the importance of knowing WHY you are doing your business. It is written down thousands of times, discussed among your organizations, yet, still remains the least understood aspect of moving people from mediocrity to success.

I know what matters most to me: creating value for the customers who trust their businesses growth and legal protection to me….building a solid organization of persons who want to improve their lives through via the Legal Shield business model, establishing a college fund for my daughter, Meisha, so that her going to the college of her choice is not determined by her parents ability to pay…to name just a few.

In reviewing videos on the Internet this past Sunday, I came across a video from Ray Higdon, who has shared his story of recovery from financial disaster to now, a life of prosperity and service to others.

Take a look at it here:

We can do well by doing good. I welcome your feedback.