Let There be Light…

At The Flick of a Switch…

Let there be light.

How many light bulbs does it take to get someone to see?

That is a spin on the popular jokes about changing light bulbs, and the fact that something so simple can be made to be a difficult task.

As I am becoming, I hope, better able to see the truth about the life I am living, I am becoming increasingly aware of my fellow men and women who are also seeking enlightenment. Many of us are so blessed to have reached a stage in our lives that allows for real introspection and personal growth.

Our country is in the midst of major changes, begun many years ago with civil rights laws ensuring equal access to the fundamental rights assured to all Americans. Having a President who is non-White has been a challenge for too many Americans accustomed to the “old way” of living.

And thus my question…how must we change in order to see that a new way to approach our lives is good and necessary?

Far too many of the people I know, and now meet, are unable to retire and thus live, on the residual/retirement plan that they invested in for more than 30 years. What is there to do now? How can one be expected to start a new career? Develop a new way to earn a living.

I have chosen to market a home-based business that allows families and businesses the opportunity to access legal advice, on any matter, for a small monthly fee. It has also allowed me to prepare my Will, Living Will and Healthcare directive, as part of my membership. In my discussions with friends and others, it is shocking to discover how few of them have any type of estate plan in place.

As one who has personally seen the confusion and chaos that ensues when someone dies without an estate plan, I am asking you to love your family enough to get yours completed and discuss it with them.

Thus, my goal is to get the word out about two crucial needs in our country:
1. Affordable access to getting an estate plan prepared
2. Earning a passive, residual income, with minimal expense, working from home

Now, do me a favor and bring me that ladder…I have to change that bulb.


One Nation Under Siege…

As I write this commentary, our once proud nation is under siege. Once again a small group of radical extremists have hijacked our nation. The history books we read in high school extolled the virtues of a band of patriots who boarded British ships and dumped tea into the Boston harbor in protest of the taxation without representation program instituted by England.

Today’s extremists, having the brass balls to coin their group as the Tea Party, now have effectively shut down the United States government…all because they do not agree with a law; the Affordable Care Act. As of Tuesday, October 1, more than 800,000 federal employees were furloughed/laid off from their jobs. So the economy, still recovering from the disaster wrought by a former president, vice-president and fed chairman , is now taking on water in her bow.

My question to you is what will you do next November? The mid-term elections have been a good indicator, over the past 20 years, of America using the ballot box to either make changes to a failing system or to rubber stamp the one already in place. How many red state families are going to continue to believe that anyone in Washington, whether Democrat or Republican, has their best interests in mind? How many families now being allowed access to affordable health care, myself included, will vote their satisfaction for a program that will be a landmark for generations to come? Or will people sit at home and be enthralled by Scandal, the NFL or Dancing With the Stars?

My fellow Americans, this is truly a tipping point in our country. So much has shifted since Mr. Obama was elected, and then re-elected to the Presidency. One day our grandchildren will marvel at the accomplishments fought for and won on behalf of the people…thank you President Obama.

So, I ask you, to take a few minutes and contact your elected officials, local and national, and let them know how you feel about our nation being dumped on by a few terrorists…