A Story is Worth….

It is the end of June…and I was able to witness the setting of the sun on the Summer Solstice…actually watched it disappear into the Pacific Ocean…breathtaking. One day, when I am older, yes, that is possible, I pray, and I am talking about my life adventures with my great grand children, I will likely recall the sunset experience to them. I will do my best to embellish it with words that will properly describe what my eyes took in that evening. No matter how colorful my words and delivery, it is still my story. One of many that I have gathered along my life-journey.

As I am now in my second year of building my Legal Shield business, I am often asked by potential customers and business associates, why did I join. What caused me to get serious with the service…and the business opportunity. And without skipping a beat, I tell my story. I do not talk about a 40 year old company…or that it has a great compensation plan for us..no, I tell the story of how a letter from an attorney forced my older brother to give me a copy of my father’s will; after weeks of asking him and being put off. And that the service helped me with an IRS audit…and a family law matter. No fancy numbers or titles or earnings by Associates…just me sharing how the legal service has positively resolved those matters in my life without incurring a bill from the attorneys. Sharing those life stories has been the deciding factor for most of the people who have purchased the service and/or joined me as an Associate with Legal Shield.

What is your story? Why do you do what you do? Whose story have you listened to recently? The more I come to appreciate the value and necessity of asking for and sharing our stories. Make it a habit this week to ask a friend or colleague about something…and really listen.

A well respected Network Marketing Pro, Eric Worre, had something to say as well about this subject. Take a look here: http://networkmarketingpro.com/2010/02/28/nmpro-252-les-brown-interview-1-of-4/


A Father’s Day Message…

On this Father’s Day, a day whereby I can be with my younger daughter, Meisha Kalila Lampkin, with no need to rush her back to her mother’s home…it is ironic that she is not well, suffering from a stomach flu that has her laid up all day.

Less than a week ago I was awarded additional time with my daughter…after a three year court battle. It took an insightful mediator, who saw the commitment that I have made to be in my daughter’s life…even while not married to her mother, to make this day possible.

My heart goes out to the father’s who are in the middle of the struggle to regain the time with their children. Remain vigilant and determined, as you rebuild the trust that may have been lost when the marriage/relationship went sour. Our children are always, always, always watching…what we do and how we interact with their mothers.

And so, as this Father’s Day comes to a close…my daughter is sleeping in her bed in this home of hers…secure in knowing that her Father has cared for her today, and any day, that she needs me to.

Stay the course Brothers…our children are counting on us.