Equal Justice Under the Law…Finally.

It too often feels, during this second term of President Barack Obama, like Geo. W. Bush is still listening in on the conference line…as are Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush and even Jimmy Carter. The feeling that only the chairs on the porch have changed, but not much else, is becoming more disturbing to me as the months swiftly roll past me this year.

So, I have decided to take matters into my own hands, and begin my own small-level protest. I mean, what else could happen. I had to short-sell my home…move to another city…come whisker-hair close to filing BK…all just to get a new start. No bailout cash came my way…at least not enough to allow me and my family to breathe a sigh of relief.

Part of my plan to make a difference in my own community, is to commit to sharing my home-based business, Legal Shield, with as many people as will listen. Of all the network marketing opportunities I have reviewed, this one is the best fit for me. It offers a great service, for a small monthly fee…and it has no competition. And that is a great selling point for this entrepreneur.

In a recent presentation that I conducted, I asked the attendees to remember when TV shows like Dallas and Falcon Crest were popular. And how, whenever a family member got into SERIOUS trouble, the call went out to James…the family attorney. He was quick to arrive, briefcase in tow…glad to be able to serve. And his desire to justify the enormous monthly retainer for his services was also a likely motivator.

As Main Street citizens, most of us cannot afford that type of retainer, nor the high hourly fee charged by a good attorney. Thus, many of us have been mistreated, accepted a plea bargain or worse, all because we did not have affordable access to the legal system. That is changing through the use of provider law firms under the Legal Shield banner.

Please take a few minutes and visit my web site: www.marklampkin.legalshieldassociate.comwill_document_picture
Let’s see how it feels to be like J. R., and pick up the phone and get your attorneys working for you…and not for what Mr. Ewing was paying each month.