Is it Too Late to Change…?

I recently heard on a news program that a retiring CEO of a Fortune 500 company was given a golden parachute of cash and stock dividends in the amount of $78 Million dollars. My heart, which is in great condition as I am a high school basketball official, almost went into arrest. At a time in our nation when we have heard more about fiscal cliffs, grand bargains and now sequestration, than ever before….how can it be acceptable that one person is deserving of such an amount of goodbye cash.

Now, before you begin to bash me as some sort of socialist, Marxist, neo-capitalist minded person, please take a few minutes to view this video that has recently gone viral…which outlines the outrageous gap that exists between the wealthy and those other 98% in America.


Goodbye Yellow Brick Road…

Recently we have been inundated with three of the more bizarre terms that I can recall in my entire lifetime. Those phrases are fiscal cliff, grand bargain and the sequestration. Have we as a nation not learned from the painful lessons of our own past? Let alone see what is still happening half a world away in countries like Greece, Spain, and more recently China? No austerity methods have ever worked to stave off an out-of-control recession that is being fueled by anti-government antagonists. The Tea Party traitors of the GOP have now accomplished a big part of what they sought when they won seats in Congress of 2010. They have convinced enough people that the trickle down theory of Reagan is still the way back to glory.

And now, as many will face layoffs, furloughs and business stagnation, they will continue to place the blame of the failing economy on President Obama. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Please take a few minutes to read this article…and consider how this all will unfold.

Goodbye yellow brick road…