Going With the Flow…

As a man who is gladly tipping closer to 60 years of age with each passing day, I am ever mindful of the importance of the little things in life…

One of those that is moving higher up my list is the ability to have a strong flow…when I go.

There is no more telling moment for us men than when we are in a public rest room…and having to relieve the flow, drain the monkey, etc. We excuse ourselves from the group, locate the nearest lavoratory and step up to the receptacle and …wait. Then a young guy comes in, steps up and is finished before me. Maybe it is at our age when we would rather paint the inside area of the bowl versus spraying directly into the bowl’s water…nothing more frustrating than hearing our dribble and getting swooshed by the flow of the younger bladder-boy in the stall next to me. Where is the respect for your elder, kid?

The bigger message here is that we men MUST get our prostrate checked annually. It is one thing to have to allow more time to do-our-business and another issue when we have an enlarged prostate that can possibly be cancerous and life-threatening.

So, men, go see your urologist. Get the PSA and the DRE…yes, you are going to need to touch your toes for about 30 seconds. But, if that allows you to live longer, play with your grandchildren and be free from a drainage bag…then let’s get it done. Today.

And I wish you the best and fastest flow next time you go…into the middle of the bowl.


All (f)or Nothing

All in. No Bet.

I got your back. I don’t recall saying that.

Friends to the end. What did you say your name was…?

There are some times in our lives where we have to wonder if all that we have thought, felt, said and done was worth the effort. We vote for a candidate; locally, statewide or nationally, and the promises they make are rarely kept. A marriage that we thought would be a partnership until the end of our life journey becomes a battle of who’s doing whom…and only the attorneys are smiling at the end.

It seems we as a society are rearing a new generation of youth who have the expectations that everything is available…and right NOW. No more let’s wait and see. No more microwave mentality. It is the experience of a text that must be responded to in a moment…

When we begin to see more clearly the sunset of our life, it is likely then that we begin to question, and maybe to understand, how precious and important are the moments of genuine human connections.

Living without fear is not something many of us can honestly acknowledge as something we embody. Giving up our last________, is rarely an easy decision. Maybe it is because we were taught by parents from the Great Depression era to “always keep a dime in your pocket to make a phone call.” Yet, here many of us in America are faced with having to leave our homes because the unending Recession has us by the throat. And that proverbial dime won’t even buy you a cup of coffee, let alone use it to make a call. Have you seen a pay phone in the last 5 years?

As we prepare to either re-elect Barack Obama or choose Mitt Romney to lead our nation, I am just wondering what else we can do to help each other to feel the sense of family, community and pride once again. Is it really about the money? Medicare? Gay marriages? Privatized prison industries? Never ending wars…

Here is my commitment; everything I do from here ‘til my eulogy is spoken will be done without reservation. No FEAR. No REGRET. All in….and then let’s see where the chips fall. Will you be my Huckelberry? TTYL.