Choose or Lose…

Choose or Lose….

In our daily lives we are often presented with opportunities to make choices. Some are simple ones: Coffee or Tea? Swiss or Cheddar on our sandwich. Take the elevator or the stairs.

While others are much more delicate and complex.

Do I ignore this discomfort in my stomach, back, arm, etc…or call my physician. Will I consult with a legal professional to get my last will and testament, durable power of attorney completed…or put it off again. Can I really make the changes to my daily food intake and exercise routine? Or will I continue to put my family at risk of my having a serious health challenge.

The choices are always ones that we consciously make. They are so subtle, yet so powerful. Empowering or unsettling. Selfish or selfless.

It may really be true that most people spend more time thinking about their vacations than they do about their physical and financial health.

If the future of our family and communities are incumbent upon our setting imprints upon the people who are watching…then let’s give them a better example day by day. I choose daily to eat more fruits than fries. Eat more fresh vegetables than fried chicken. Consume more water than anything else that is mass marketed on the television.

Looking and feeling good as we head into our Baby Boomer years is a choice. Not an accident.

Win or lose…it’s up to you.