Friends w/o Benefits

Friends w/o Benefits

One of the more recent catch phrases that our society has overused is that of “Friends With Benefits.” Most of us know that it describes the relationship between two people who are friends, in which there are special benefits enjoyed in that union. That is where it often gets complicated.

In a world where we are bombarded by sexually suggestive images and phrases, how can we ever believe that it is possible to have an opposite-sex friendship that shares no benefits? Or is it inevitable that that “line” is going to be crossed at some point and time? I thought a benefit is supposed to be a good thing.

I choose to believe that men and women can be friends…in the true sense of the word. Friends with no hidden agendas. Friends who truly seek the best for one another…even if it means nothing else will ever transpire between them. Friends who will celebrate with you in times of conquest. And who will mourn with you in times of sorrow. This is the true meaning of friendship.

Giving without expectation is truly a higher-consciousness opportunity.

Try it…you’ll like it. There is a benefit to this…I promise.


Little White Lies…

Little White Lies…

Funny how such a simple phrase can have so much power.

Those who fabricate untruths have been able to convince themselves that their deceit is justified…because it is just a little white lie.

How does a wife tell that to her husband? How does a brother tell that to his brother?

How can we expect our children to be better than we are…when they see through the little white lies?

In a world that is getting smaller each passing day, thanks in part to the instantaneous ability for information to be spread…how can a little white lie remain thus?

With all of the video available? With witnesses? With the truth being exposed…

God help us to be better. To love more. To envy less. To be transparent. Let that one of you who has no sin, shame or closeted skeletons cast the first stone. Right.

Better to be a man/woman of dignity and poverty than a wealthy fraud who just can’t stop telling those little white lies.

It hurts so deeply when she is the one who sleeps next to you…bears your child. Promised that it was ‘til death do us part. It’s the truth that has died…

And in the memory of Marvin, I ask, “What’s Going On?”