Fearless in the Face of Failure…

Fearless in the Face of Failure…

As the world mourns the passing of Apple CEO Steve Jobs, we have an opportunity to review the life and legacy of the man and his contributions to our way of life.

Funny, how those moments come, all too often, only after someone has departed this physical life experience. And it is all too easy to wax on and on about the success and triumphs one has achieved. Steve Jobs had many high moments in his illustrious life and career.

However, it was in his lowest times, when the Apple board of directors had ousted him, and the public embarrassment, which accompanied that…I mean, imagine being ousted from the company that he had co-founded. Ouch.

Yet, it was in the following five years that he truly took stock of his life, determined how unhappy he really had been, and then set out to reinvent himself, and the business he subsequently founded NEXT…which ironically, was bought by Apple Computers five years later.

The moral of this story for me, as I consider how Steve Jobs recovered, renewed and redirected his passion and energy for the next 12 years…is that we all have those seminal moments when life is pressing down on us like the 800 pound gorilla on your back. When we can’t even think about tomorrow, much less about what we will be doing five years from now.

But I ask, even implore, you to consider how the failures that you have sustained…whether in a career, relationship, finances, or all of the above, can actually be the fuel to propel you toward the next great time in your life. And that we, like Steve Jobs, will take what appears to be a failure and face it, flip it and push forward into a higher mindset and success.

I am committed to being one who sees the road behind me not as a path of failures and foibles, but as a map of choices that are leading me toward a brighter and better future. It is my prayer that you will join me on this not-so-yellow-brick road to our new Oz.

R.I.P., Steve. Thanks for your being fearless in the face of your failures…Peace.

When your Shit Gets Lost…

When Your Shit Gets Lost…

In this crazy technology driven world in which we live, every so often we are reminded that some things just can’t be digitized…or automated.

About 6 weeks ago I had to submit a fecal sample to my heath care provider via United States Postal Services. I am not saying any names but they are the biggest provider in the Bay Area…and their name rhymes with riser. And being the good mid-life health care advocate, I made sure that I submitted it within the three day time window…and mailed it as prescribed.

Weeks went by with no acknowledgement from them, and so I went online to check with my physician…to no avail. She informed me that they had not received the sample. She is such a great physician, and thus had a new exam sent to me. Which is all good and fine.

My question is simple? Where is my shit? I mean, is someone else using my shit? Why can’t they find my shit? Don’t we as a people hate when our shit gets lost? This shit ain’t funny…

I hope you can smile at my small, yet crappy dilemma.

As I hear about the post office being redesigned to become more efficient and effective, all I can wonder is; how much more shit will they lose?

So, today I will once again do my part and mail my specimen….and hope that this time it arrives to it’s destination…and feel affirmed that is how shit gets done.