It Ain’t About You

It Ain’t About You…

It has been one week since my latest PSA test and Digital rectal examination showed no further growth of my prostate…and I am still excited about those findings. Since then I have had discussions with a few friends, with the intent to uncover their thoughts and concerns about their health issues; and particularly where it relates to men.

There were a few women who shared with me that their father’s had died at an early age, and thus had wished for a longer time to have spent with there Dads. I believe both of their father’s succumbed to heart failure brought about by diabetes. As I sit and think about my time spent last summer with my grand and great-grand daughters, it became crystal clear that my taking care of myself was important to me…but it really mattered even more when I looked into the eyes of the youngest bloodline that I have created.

And so I ask you men, and women, to consider how you might think of a world that your grand children would live in…without you. That’s right. You are nothing more than the picture in a frame on the fireplace mantle. Stories are told about you and who you were, and always end with a sad refrain, “he/she died so young.” Those of us on the north side of 50 realize how young 60 is looking every day. It is all in our perspective.

On my social media pages I am listing my morning breakfast menus…showing a balance of protein, fruits, juices and sometime a little meat to keep my inner dinosaur happy. Having recently received my cholesterol reading I know that I am doing the right things with regards to my food intake. Again, it ain’t about me…

You see, I am thinking years ahead to my granddaughter graduating from her schooling…my great granddaughter getting her high school diploma…even my youngest daughter getting married. I want to be walking upright and of my own volition…not being pushed around in a wheelchair or worse, not being alive to witness these special occasions.

So, do me a favor and spread the word. We are going to begin the second half of 2011 by making a true commitment to a healthier lifestyle. We will walk more. Eat more fruits. Drink more water. Eat less red meat. And show gratitude for another day of life.

And for those of you who are still not sure if this works…keep my mantra from today in your mind and spirit…”It Ain’t About You.” This is for those future generations who will be doting on you when you are the patriarch/matriarch of the family and telling the stories of how life used to be…in 2011.


Man, What’s Your Number?

Man, What’s Your Number?

Now, before you go thinking anything crazy, let me just say up front, that I am talking about a number that all men should be aware of; their PSA reading.

What is a PSA? It stands for the Prostate Specific Antigen test, a blood test that is administered to help gauge the size of our prostate gland. It is an important test to have done regularly, especially after we attain the age of 40 and specifically if there is a history of prostate cancer in the family.

The fact that my father had prostate cancer surgery in 1987, lived until 2006, and died from something else goes to show that we need not die from this disease. It can be treated and you can resume a normal life…but early detection is the key. Oh, and yes, there is that issue of having the infamous digital rectal examination….yep. Gotta do that one too. That will allow the urologist to determine if there are any physical abnormalities with the prostate gland. A bit of enlargement with a smooth exterior….music to my ears.

So, you have found a dozen or more reasons why you won’t go get either of these exams…I ask you then, what is the most precious thing in your life. Children? Grandchildren? Spouse? All of the above…then think of them and how much of their lives you will participate in, because you are alive. Put away your pride and machismo, for their sakes. Imagine your granddaughter getting married and crying tears of joy…not crying at your funeral. This is something you DO have control over.

Many of you know that I have a beautiful eight-year-old daughter…the joy of my existence. She gave me a great self-made card for Father’s Day…saying I am the funniest, active and best Dad of all. I will cherish that more than the pop-up store-bought card she also gave to me. My gift to her was to see my urologist the following day and do the things I have outlined in this post. She should have her Daddy as long as God allows. And I am going to do my part in living healthy and keeping my cholesterol, blood pressure and stress under control. I want to see her graduate from high school, college, and maybe even get married.

Men, do your part to insure that you are alive and well for the children that need to hear the stories of your childhood…those that are true and those that have been embellished with time. But be here to tell them…don’t leave that to someone else.

Now, bend over and touch your toes…Please. It will only TAKE a minute. But knowing your number may GIVE you years of life.


EveryBody is a STAR

June 11, 2011

Everybody IS A Star…

I was perusing through the song list on some YouTube channels today and came across this song by Sly & The Family Stone. It caused me to take pause and think about those who are trying to be “stars” these days.

I mean we know of all the reality shows, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, The Voice…ad nauseum. The Star that the Family Stone was alluding to is the person who will shine their God-given light/talent for the world to see and become a better place.

One of the lines from the song goes, “Everybody wants to shine, who’ll come out on a cloudy day? You don’t need darkness, to do what you think is right…”

Simple, yet so profound.

I am ever prayerful in these challenging economic times, where it seems that those who have much desperately want to keep it, and those with little are trying to maintain their faith and dignity. How much more darkness is required for those with obscene wealth to do what is right in order to put our society back on track…it used to be the American way.

Today is the 10th year anniversary of the Geo. W. Bush tax cuts, which effectively gave the top 1% of Americans even more money, supposedly to create jobs. I ask you and, if I could them, is the sky dark enough for you now to come out and shine?

So, I salute Sly Stone and his provocative lyrics. And ask that you consider how you might be a star to someone whose light is blocked by clouds of despair…Peace.