There Was This Man…

April 22, 2011

There was this Man…

I can’t say I ever had the opportunity to meet Him in person, but I do know that I have felt a kinship with Him for most of my life. He made quite an impact on me, and millions of others, many years ago. In fact, He changed our concept of how we must treat each other…with no concern for pedigree or position in society.

This man had no formal education, yet He was considered a Master teacher. He never wrote a single book, poem or song…yet many quote Him on a daily basis. Now it is strange that this man told the government of the day that His Father sent him to share the good news of a new kingdom on Earth…they were intrigued, intimidated and determined to maintain their authority. Hmmm. Sounds rather familiar to today, yes?

The man even told His friends that He had to leave soon and would see them again after He had been killed. Spooky but spirit-driven. All but one believed. The phrase doubting Thomas must have originated 2000 years ago.

As we consider how to love our neighbors, care for our families and commit to living a life of service, consider that this Man held no office, owned no property or took a wife. Yet He called us family. And told of our inheritance in the Kingdom. What kind of love is this?

And his own turned against Him because he did not overthrow the Roman Empire with an army, militia or mercenaries. He was acquitted by the court of law but condemned by the people’s court. Just because He did not give them what they expected…physical freedom. Yet, the freedom of spirit He spoke of was more than enough; it just took time and faith.

Remember today the man who gave all that He had…for you. Would YOU?


What Will it Take?

What will it Take…?

To agree to eat two pieces of fruit each day.

To match each other and drink 4 glasses of water daily.

To insuring our walking partner will not succeed in quitting.

To give away those old, big clothes.

To parking the car and taking mass transit one day each week.

To commit to reading a new book each month.

To agree to spend money with a local business instead of a Big Box business.

If you and I will agree to this, we can make a difference. Every day. In a society where we are bombarded with what is wrong, what the problems are, and the belief that there is little chance for change…we will prove just the opposite is true.

We can have better health. We will lose weight and lower blood pressure. We can help local businesses succeed against the Big Corporations.

What will it take for YOU to make a difference in your life and those who are watching YOU?

Check out this article and consider another way to live.


Baby Steps to Bangs

Baby steps to bangs…

Today is the 8th anniversary of the birth of my youngest daughter, Meisha Kalila Lampkin. It was only a few short years ago that we celebrated her taking her first steps. And now she runs faster than many of her friends. Just recently she let me know that she is not a little girl anymore, when she said she could now do her own hair. What, the old ponytail in the back is not good enough? No. She now wants bangs….oh man.

She is truly a gift from God, and keeps me laughing about things that I would have likely never known about without her in my life; Sponge Bob, Hannah Montana and iCarly just to name a few…what is coming next, at my age, is going to be quite an experience. It is during these times that I realize the importance of telling our children how much we love them and want them to be good people as they mature. I don’t want her to have any doubt about how I feel about her.

I often sit and watch as she interacts with her schoolmates, our family and even new acquaintances, and am grateful that God gave me another opportunity to get it right as a parent. For being a father who can say “no” without guilt seems to be a rare quality in these ultra-permissive times. Yet, I want her to remain my little girl for as long as possible. What kind of world will she inherit? It is the major question I ask myself…and you.

Let’s take inventory today of how we live, interact and prepare for a more global environment where people will live longer and require more services than ever in our history. Will American culture learn to honor the elders of society and the wisdom and experiences that have shaped them, or will we be cast aside like an unwanted or broken electronic game? I believe we are at a major crossroads.

So, enjoy the beauty of Spring and I shall be ever humbled by the majesty of life as I celebrate my daughter’s 8th birthday…a truly sacred gift from the Creator.


Miles, Minutes, Money…

Miles, Minutes, Money…

Some things are so geographical in their descriptions and understandings. As a young man in the Midwest, we often replied to someone asking us how far away a person or place was, by saying it was about 20 miles. Moving to California, and particularly the Bay Area, that same query brought about a response like 30 minutes. And so the same place that I wanted to get to was likely a similar distance, but when traffic was factored in, and thus added time on the road, the more definitive description was about time versus distance.

Fast-forward to 2011, and the challenge we are faced with $4.00 per gallon gas pricing, and the next generation of describing time and distance is likely to be formulated by how much it is going to cost. Since automakers want us to believe that the miles-per-gallon listing of their vehicles is true, then we might now seek to validate it. And since we have instant access to calculators, via our smart phones and GPS, we can accurately determine how far it really is from point A to point B…and now divide the number of miles by the mpg of our car, and come out with a general cost per mile to travel.

Is this what our society has come to? So, a friend needs to go to see the doctor, and you have the only car in the building, and you have to calculate the cost to transport them…sounds like we are all becoming glorified taxi services. Heck, I did not even consider the rising cost of auto insurance. This could get really ugly.

Hold on for a second, my phone is ringing…I gotta go. A friend is calling. He needs me to pick him up. He ran out of gas on the freeway. I told him to call the road service. He told me it was cheaper to pay me to pick him up than to have them to do it.
This is becoming a whole new enterprise. See you when I return; about 19 miles, 26 minutes and $34 dollars later.