The 90/10 Rule…

The 90/10 rule…

We have all heard about the 80/20 rule; where 80 per cent of work is completed by 20 per cent of the group; 80 per cent of the money is donated by 20 per cent of the populace, 80 per cent of the food is eaten by 20 per cent of your household…and so on.

Well, it is also a proven fact that life and all of its beauty and challenges has a similar formula. The formula shares that life is 10 per cent of what happens to you and 90 per cent how you respond.

So, if you get a pink slip from your employer on Friday; will you go out and destroy the place? Kick your dog? Become an alcohol abuser? Or will you see it as an opportunity and a blessing, to get busy doing the thing that on most Monday mornings you dreamed about doing instead of being at your now-defunct job.

In this still struggling economy, many of us have that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to grasp the brass ring of life and respond positively. We can finish our college studies, buy that business franchise or start a work-from-home business. Someone once said that success is the greatest form of payback. I always thought that was so true. And still do today.

So, today, right now, stop dreaming and begin planning your exit strategy. Your employer is likely running the numbers to see if they can do without you…and their 90/10 rules won’t be the same as yours.


Think Pink…

Think Pink…

Pop Quiz: tell me three things that come to mind when I say the color pink…

* Pink Panther
* Pepto Bismol
* National Football League

I am in awe, as we are now mid-October, to see the amazing marketing campaign that has big, hulking men who are trying to hit each other harder than one can imagine, wearing pink gloves, helmet chin straps and cleated shoes. And they are proud to do it.

There is likely no one in America who has not been affected by breast cancer. I have a sister, cousin and numerous friends who are breast cancer survivor/warriors. The initially frightening news that a person/family has to come to grips with is no longer a badge of shame or embarrassment. Like the proverbial elephant in the room that everyone can see, but no one wants to address, we are finally looking breast cancer squarely in the eye and saying, boo.

The awareness of the need for getting mammograms, and other early detection tests is helping our mothers, sisters and spouses to live…and not the sad alternative. Kudos to all of the agencies involved in this life-saving awareness campaign.

Every brother, son and husband should be proudly wearing a pink wristband, at the minimum, thus ensuring that we talk about how blessed we are to have those life-affirming women still walking among us today. And then, brethren, make our own appointments to get our prostate exams. Oh yes, this is an equal opportunity life raft.

Cancer need not continue to be a death sentence for us either. Let’s take a cue from the breast cancer advocates and shine the light in the darkness. And choose life.


Playing the hand you are dealt…

Playing the hand you are dealt…

I was in the locker room this morning at the local fitness club I frequent, when I heard two gents discussing the fairness of life. As usual the banter went back and forth between them about the seeming inequalities of wealth, health and happiness. As it neared the conclusion, one gent summed it up with that saying we have all heard, “you just got to play the hand you are dealt in life.”

It caused me to ponder…do we really have to accept the hand/cards we are dealt? We have so many examples of people who have overcome adversities in their childhood to become Olympic champions, educational scholars and spiritual leaders, why then, must we tell someone, especially our children, that you’ve got to play the hand you are dealt?

As I am not much of a poker player, even that game allows for at least one card, and sometimes up to four, to be exchanged. Why not give our fellowman, who is currently down on his luck, the same encouragement? Somewhere, at some time, he too will get his pair of Aces, and be able to feel the wind at his back once more.

Today, commit to something that will move you through a “stuck” position. Call a friend to say hello…give the “brother” on the corner a few coins…say a prayer for that couple who is going through hell, trying to raise their children in these challenging times. Then check out your cards at the end of the day….A ROYAL FLUSH!


International Menu to Better Health…

As the weather begins to change and we prepare for the cooler temperatures of Autumn, it is time to consider ways to remain healthy without receiving a flu shot….ouch!
One of the concerns I have with the new Health care reform is what are the educational efforts being put forth by health care professionals which offer alternatives to promoting pharmaceutical drugs.

I came across an article that shares ethnic foods, and their preparations, which are naturally effective at maintaining healthy immune systems. Click here to read the article:

Instead of living to eat, let’s eat to live. Peace.