A Penny For Your Thoughts…

A Penny For Your Thoughts…

If you are seasoned enough to remember this phrase being used by someone who wanted to know what thoughts had you preoccupied…and out of touch for just a few moments, then you will appreciate this analogy. It is usually during a time when two or more people are together, and one of them just gets caught in some thoughts that are unspoken to the others. I guess a penny had some real value whenever this phrase was coined.

Nowadays, we know that the value of a penny is pretty insignificant and it made me wonder a week ago when someone made the statement to me, what value do our thoughts really have. In a time when creative thoughts, dreams and visions are so needed to stimulate our economy…why won’t financial institutions loan money based on our thoughts?

It is my belief that we need to capitalize the creative visions and seemingly impossible ideas that will move us into a new economic surge. Twenty years ago if someone told you that you would be able to have a mini-computer in your pocket, you would think him or her to be insane. Today, your iPhone is just the tangible evidence of someone’s dream come true.

Those bank bailout billions are perfectly suited for my enterprise…what about yours? Maybe we need to put pressure on our elected officials and ask that they pressure those publicly saved banks to now show their appreciation. For had the taxpayers bailout not occurred, they would be in the same circumstances as many of us…looking for work and/or a break.

So, let’s say to them….instead of a penny for your thoughts, how about a few hundred thousand for my business plan. Your art gallery, bed and breakfast, and my video studio are just a few ways to rebuild our staggered economy. They will create jobs for people and infuse tax dollars into now-bankrupt local governments. Otherwise, just like those pennies, we may find ourselves in a devalued and underappreciated position. And maybe in someone’s empty water cooler container….Peace.

Methods to build my blog…

The following is an interview with Lynette Chandler of BlogEnergizer, see the button on my page below. I am grateful to her for taking time to answer my questions about building my blog. Read and vote for me. Peace.

Question 1: How can I build a list for my site with a target market I have identified?

Answer: Start with something of value. It could be an interview series, a downloadable item, free software, theme, checklist whatever. Offer that free for those who opt-in to the list. Then add the subscription box in strategic places. The most common is the very top of your side bar or left/right hand menu. I would also work on creating a special landing page that does nothing but explain what people will get, why they will get it, how and use it to persuade people to join. This will be handy when people ask for your subscription page or when doing certain ads.

Now you got that up promote it every chance you get. For example, in your signatures, at the end of your blog posts – you could even put a sign up box there. Talk about what you share exclusively with your list this helps because people get a dose of what subscribers receive and if it is really good that would be the one thing that pushes them over the fence to sign up.

Question 2:
What can Blogenergizer provide to assist in my generating content that is relevant and topical?

Answer: For Premium members, they receive 90 blog topic suggestions every single month. This can be used in several ways. Pull it out when you are really facing a block or use it regularly at the end of the month to help you prepare the next month’s posts. The latter is a more effective use of course because of the many suggestions you can definitely find at least 8-10 you can use. If you space 8-10 posts out over the month that is about 2-3 posts a week which is a pretty good pace for any blog. You can always fill in the days with something more time sensitive or something that inspires you. So it helps you keep a good pace and yet blog by the seat of your pants when you are motivated to.

Free members will get notifications of people who are looking for blogs to guest post on, people who want to guest post. It’s up to you to decide if the blogger will be a good fit for your blog and contact them. Also, when we find goodies like downloads and cheat sheets. We pass them on to you. If you find them relevant and something your readers might enjoy then you can always use those resources as a post – share the news or use them as a case study or use them as a starting point for further thoughts and conversation in your post.

Question 3: What methods are more successful in getting joint ventures with other bloggers?

Answer: Bloggers are quite a creative bunch. Many promotional projects I see are rather unconventional. So if you’re asking about a recommendation for structured step-by-step campaign idea, nothings coming to my mind right now. However, here are some suggestions.

Before you approach another blogger especially if they are many times bigger than you are, it’s always a good idea to go in prepared. Spend some time looking at what their readers like, what is their style then create something along those lines. For example, if you know a particular blog is well known for providing free graphics for their readers. Maybe you could create an exclusive or limited time exclusive graphic set just for their readers. This is very appealing even for bigger blogs because of the exclusivity factor.

If you are looking to work with a number of different people at the same time, people like to know who they are working with and if the offer is worth their time. Create something like a fact sheet about your blog. What traffic are you getting, do you have a list, how many people are on that list, who do you reach, how your audience is relevant/related/interested in what the other blogger has to offer. Build in as many pluses for them as possible in your promotion. Yes, you should get something out of the deal but give others the better deal and make it as easy as possible. Ideally, it should involve little to no work on behalf of the blogger you are working with. This is because they are busy. The more work they have to do the less likely they will say yes.

Oh yes, now I remember something. If guest blogging interests you, you might want to consider checking out Blog World Tour (http://lynettesuggests.com/bwt) **Note to Mark: That is my affiliate link if you would rather not use it, the URL is http://www.ebookprofitscoach.com/how-to-blog-world-tour.php**

Question 4: How does Blogenergizer utilize video online to create energy and traffic?

Answer: Great question! We don’t. Not yet that is. But one of our company’s site does have their YouTube own channel where new how-to videos are posted to it as often as possible to help bring in some traffic via YouTube. As with us, they have not focused on videos a lot but even with the very minimal effort they manage to draw a little traffic.

However… if anyone would like to create exclusive, useful/helpful videos for our bloggers to digest and share on their blog, you can bet we will work our very hardest to promote that for you.

Question 5 What is a reasonable time frame for a new blogger to allow in building an online following?

If you are aggressive in pursuing readers, 1-3 months is not an unreasonable time frame to generate a readership base but of course the big question is what kind of numbers are you seeking. If you have zero traffic and want to get it up to a couple hundred a day that’s not unreasonable at all. I was just listening to a webinar the other day about a blogger who gained 500 RSS subscribers in 30 days. Now I must say she had a lot of motivation because she was participating in a contest, but you don’t have to be in one to be super motivated.

I’m a fan of constantly building at a regular pace. Which means you keep working on the content, you keep promoting the content and on a weekly or monthly basis, do something that gives you fresh boost of readers. Like holding a challenge or contest, doing a few guest posts, creating an exceptional 24 hour giveaway that you know people would love to have and would spread the word to their friends.

Is the interview a great source of information for you? Then show Mark some love by voting for it at http://blogenergizer.com/teip-vote/ he will really appreciate it.

Tell Me Something Good…

Those of us who were born before 1970 can remember this iconic song written by Stevie Wonder and made famous by the R & B group Rufus featuring Chaka Khan. Though the song has it’s theme based upon a woman’s appeal to her man…I seek to apply it’s title to the premise that there is much more love to give each other than we currently offer.

In these days when the headlines proclaim that we are on the verge of a double-dip recession, that Iran is a threat to world peace once they have nuclear capabilities, and that allowing a Muslim mosque/culture center at the site of New York’s ground zero is disrespectful to the people killed on 9/11, how can anyone have reason to get out of bed each morning. But the truth is, there is much more good being done in our world than evil.

We are fortunate that bloggers, video bloggers, songwriters, artists, poets and such create works that inspire us and keep us from staying curled in a fetal position in bed. And as one who is traveling my own Jericho road of life, I just feel it is my place to share the good news that is often underreported in the mainstream media. So, take a read and be encouraged: click here.


Who’s Afraid of…?

As children my sister and I loved to hear our father tell us the bedtime story about the Three Little Pigs. He described so well the challenges that the pigs encountered in seeking to keep the Big Bad Wolf out of their homes…and from eventually having them for dinner. As an adult, I am mindful that we are often faced with our own big bad wolf.

It might be our resistance to see the truth that a relationship is over, that a job is not where we should be devoting so much of our time, or that our childhood passion to sing, dance or paint is slowly slipping farther away from shore.

As an entrepreneur who like many of you, is seeking to keep my business on the cutting edge and viable, in spite of an economy that won’t bounce back soon enough, I am wondering how many of you are afraid of your own big bad wolf. What dreams have you deferred? What would you rather be doing with your time and talents? I really want to hear back from you on this one. A very dear friend of mine, who has enjoyed great success in her field over the past 20 years, is now staring that wolf in the eye. At this time in her life she realizes that if she does not pursue her hearts calling and passion, she may not get it done before her date with destiny is fulfilled.

My advice to her and to you is like those pigs of nursery rhyme fame, who had an escape clause by going to a better constructed house after each wolf encounter, that it is imperative that she have a plan of action that will move her daily toward her goal. The pigs knew that the wolf was not going to give up on its goal of getting them into the big pot of boiling water. Neither will your specific fear be vanquished easily. But it will be overcome and your dream realized when you have a plan and a laser-like focus on your end goal.

This week make a mental if not a physical note of the times when you see and hear that moment…and begin to actively develop a plan of escape. Register for that dance class, join the choir at your church, buy some paints and canvas..Just do it! We all have that house made of bricks. That safe haven and place of refuge from the wolf. And when that wolf starts to blow….you can tell him, not by the hair of my chinny chin chin…


Checking Out Your Room…

I had been feeling in a bit of a slump this week, and needed a lift. I regularly read the blog posts from Seth Godin, and this one hit me square between the eyes. I am sharing it with you, my beloved blog family, and ask that you consider what it is that we do to set up the emotions that drive our behavior.

The places you go
Over the weekend I visited one of my favorite places. It didn’t matter that I hadn’t been there in a while, or didn’t know most of the people I encountered. The second I walked in, heard the noise, saw the walls… even the way it smelled… I was transported.

It’s incredible to think about–a room could magically change the way I felt. A physical room with the right memories can do this in just a heartbeat. So can a metaphorical one, even a brand. The states of your emotions (your moods and passions) are like rooms in a house.

…read the rest of the post here:

Peace and possibilities.


We Can’t Weight Any Longer…

We Can’t Weight Any Longer…

As one who has never had a weight issue, other than trying to gain a few pounds so as to fill out the back of my pants, I am still quite concerned and empathetic with those who struggle mightily in the other direction. The article I saw here is another alarm that is blaring loudly to our citizenry. Many of us have at least one family member who is affected by the issues of obesity, heart disease and diabetes. They are a trio that is taking people to the grave much too early in life. Read this and share it where applicable…