What If YOU Knew..?

What If…?

…You knew that you could not fail? Would you write out that business plan?

…You had the resources you need to make that move forward? Would you still wait for the “right time” to start your new business?

…Your bank account had sufficient funds? Would you find something else to worry about?

Most of you know that in track and field races, the difference between the winner and second place can be a matter of a hundreth of a second. What do you imagine that each of them are thinking as they are preparing for the race that is yet two years, one year, six months away?

Take a look at this and tell me what you think the hurdler is focusing on…the hurdle or the finish line?

Keep looking ahead…and be prepared to jump when the obstacles are in your lane.


Pushing Past Potential Problems

Pushing Past Potential Problems

We all have times when we get stuck…emotionally, financially, even spiritually. Just when things seem to be rolling along so smoothly, then BAM!!!, someone says something or we hear an old song, and our mind gets frozen in time. Before we know it we have lost a day or two of momentum, and wonder why it still has such an effect on us today.

If you are looking to me for an answer to that mystery…here’s what works for me. It is imperative that we keep moving forward, and that we revisit our goals and plans for that day/week/month. And a dose or two of prayer is always in order. Then putting on a CD by Earth, Wind and Fire is divinely therapeutic.

Here in this still unstable economy we must stay focused upon our dreams…not the dreams of others. Tune out the naysayers who tell you all too frequently that your dreams are unrealistic and that you need to scale it back…tell them to talk to the hand, because we aren’t listening.

Review your goals that you wrote out in January of this year…find them and revise them if you must…but keep them as your mental and emotional focal point at all times this week. Your problems are just hidden opportunities for you to think deeper into the situation. Which in turn will produce new ideas and creativity that you had hidden deep inside. This is a reservoir of energy that can propel you/me/us toward a more productive and peaceful prosperity.

As always I look forward to hearing your thoughts, feedback and successes.


To Tell The Truth…

To Tell the Truth…

I am always amazed when someone, in the midst of our conversation says, “Can I be honest with you?” My thought is usually, even if it doesn’t come out of my mouth, but I thought you were being honest already.

Haven’t you heard similar things: Can I be frank with you? What does Frank think about this? Let me be real with you. Were you being unreal before?

During the past few years I have asked friends and colleagues what is it that prevents people from wanting to hear the truth. Have we become so afraid of hearing something that goes against our preconceived thinking that we would rather be lied to? How many of us really want to hear the truth when asking someone, “How can I help you? What did I do wrong? What do you need from me?”

As always this commentary is intended to attune your ears to what is likely going on around us every day…and may have become numb to.

I believe we all are better served when we know the truth versus having to play the guessing game that we are too often subjected to in relationships, employment and God forbid, our public officials. What might our children become if we were sincere in our walk and our talk. Many of their concerns are based in the fact that they see the hypocrisy…at home, school and on television.

Let’s listen today with open ears and minds and tell me what you learn this week. I’ll be honest with you…really.


“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough…”

“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough…”

It’s Wednesday, a day those in the corporate world call Hump day….a day you have to get over, through or around in order to get to the weekend. Mostly I do not even think about this anymore as my workweek as an entrepreneur is not just Monday through Friday. I am happily working most weekends and look forward to Monday, as it is a day I take time to do things non-business driven.

But today, I felt like I was looking up at the Hump….and it was casting a larger-than-usual shadow upon me. Then I came across an article that gave me a boost and lit that fire in my belly once more. Read this touching story of courage and then get busy moving that hump outta your way today.


Are You Ready to Fly?

Sometimes I read articles that are just too good to pass up. This is one of those. I subscribe to Mary Ellen Tribby’s blog…and this post is one that is applicable to not only women but also men. As you know I am committed to the entrepreneurial way of life, even before this challenging economy. This article shares Ms. Tribby’s sudden leap-of-faith into starting her business. Sometimes it takes a hard push to get us out of our comfort zone.

Here’s her story. Please read it and enjoy: http://workingmomsonly.com/issues/turning-someday-into-payday/

Peace and prosperity to you all.

The Land of The Free…

The Land of the Free…

We have now celebrated Independence Day here in the United States, and as I watched the local fireworks display last night it cause me to wonder. How much of our freedom do we take for granted? I mean, we are all so used to coming and going as we please. We even have the ability to openly disagree with the political party in power without fear of imprisonment or worse…exile to an island in the Pacific.

The other thought I had as the loud booms, lights and smell of sulphur hypnotized me is that we are also free to pursue our life goals and dreams with reckless abandon. The fact is we can go to college, work a job (though that is more challenging it seems these days), and pursue an entrepreneurial dream and become wealthier than we could ever imagine.

The job market is pretty shaky still, and I am betting that the worst is not yet over. I have for over 10 years pursued my passion as a video producer and now Internet marketer. Heck, I am even blogging twice a week this year. All because I have the freedom to pursue my hearts desires. What is in your heart that would bring you joy, peace and possibly extra money?

The recessionary economy in which we live is the perfect time for us to become creative and find ways to collaborate with like-minded persons who are finally tired of the disloyal corporate games. It is really a choice…freedom or corporate servitude.

“…oer the land of the free, and the home of the brave.” Be Brave this week!


Push Up and away for fitness…

Push up and away for fitness…

I am so excited, as we are now six months into 2010, and knowing that many of you who follow me on this blog are accomplishing things that you committed to back in January. Congratulations to you for sticking to a new program of thought and actions.

My recent trip to my hometown allowed me to see that my 15 years and counting program of healthy living; daily eating of fruits and veggies, regular weekly workouts with cardio and weight training, and getting no less than 5 hours of sleep nightly is a major factor in my looking a number of years younger than many of my childhood friends.

What do you want to look and feel like in the next 6 months? Will you have shed a couple of inches off that waistline? Will you take the stairs instead of the elevator? What will your blood pressure reading look like? Your pulse? Cholesterol?

Here is a quiz I found online and thought you might benefit from taking it as did I. What we don’t know can do more damage than having the information. Have fun and be honest. Your life may depend on it. Peace.