Tea Time is the Right time

Tea time is the right time…

By now many of you know that it is my desire and passion to be a conduit of information through the use of my blog site. And thus, by researching information all over the Internet, I share with you some of the findings that I come across that I feel will make a difference in our lives.

Here is a website I discovered this week…it has a treasure chest full of articles and fun questionnaires that we who are on the north side of 40 should consider. Take a look and let me know what you think. The article I am linking discusses the benefits of drinking teas…something I have done for over 30 years. Check it out: http://www.livestrong.com/article/71063-the-health-benefits-teas/

Today is really the first day of the rest of your life. So, make the most of it and commit today to a healthier lifestyle. When we are in our 80’s and looking decades younger, we will have such wonderful stories to share.


Selling Sex Sells…but Just Say No!

The well-dressed people down on Wall Street and Madison Avenue know the impact of having scantily clad women touting the virtues of everything from beer, to cologne to Range Rovers…and everything in between. But ask the working Mother on Main Street and she will tell you that if that woman comes anywhere near her husband there is going to be a problem.

I have long wondered why in our society it is permissible to use sex as a selling point but when the time comes around to getting the girl, or lately in the case of Tiger Woods and Jesse James, two men who had rather nice looking women by their sides, one is never enough. Is it really about sexual addiction or about having more of the American dream?

How fortuitous it is that I have lived long enough to witness the emergence of the newest addiction to be spot lit by those venerable mind manipulators, clinical psychologists. Now in addition to alcohol, gambling and drug addictions, we have sexual addiction to blame for the ills of our personal and collective psyches.

There must be something to this sexual addiction thing because over 70 years ago, Napoleon Hill, author of “Think and Grow Rich”, thoroughly discussed the need to transmute sexual desires in order to attain the greater measure of success. Heck, that word transmute stayed on my mind for weeks like a bad jingle that you can’t get out of your head. And every time I saw a pretty woman going by I just repeated transmute until the urge passed. Funny how my bank account balance has yet to be affected.

So, then, I come back to what Madison Avenue advertisers are using to intoxicate us, sex. If true success comes only when we suppress our natural inclination for sex, then why are they trying to convince us that we won’t really be successful unless we have that bikini-wearing woman in the passenger seat of our automobile? And we all have seen the man in the Extense commercial. Every woman in the office is happier because of his newly discovered virility. But yet, we gotta say no. What a dilemma.

I guess in the final analysis it is just better for us all to know that sex sells, and having sex is great, but having too much sex is going to make your corporate sponsors, who sell sex to induce us to buy their products are going to unceremoniously dump you when you get caught. See, I told you to Just Do It…I mean Just Say No!


What’s Following You?

On the drive into my Sunday worship service this morning, a very early morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see in my rear view mirror the rising sun. So smooth and effortlessly it peeked above the horizon, and began to illuminate the powder blue sky. As one who has always loved mornings versus late nights….this is one of the main reasons that I have such affection for the beauty of the start of a new day.

It gave me opportunity to consider, as the sun rose in the sky and seemingly followed me down the highway, that we all have things that we likely take for granted, that follow us every day. Whether that is the spouse you see each day, the good health that we take for granted, or the love of God that sustains us. We are all guilty too often of losing sight of the things that are truly important in our lives. Our daily thoughts, words and deeds create a path that others likely will follow. What will others see when they walk a mile in your shoes?

We are almost through a third of 2010 and I am still committed to making an impact this year. No excuses or half-hearted attempts and ending up frustrated and unsatisfied. This year I have a belief that what I seek and desire in my heart will come to pass. And that the choices I make daily will either take me toward those goals or away from them.

It won’t be long before we will be looking back at 2010, and wondering where the time went. That is not the question I am going to ask. I am going to pull out my video camera and ask you and me, “What path did we leave this year? How did my choices impact the lives of the people who are watching me?” There will be others looking to follow us. Let’s make sure that they are enriched by the experience and the view. And one day this week, get up early and see that rising sun. It is a thing of beauty.


Keeping Happy Feet…

It is really interesting to be in the elite group of American citizens who receive their
bi-monthly editions of AARP. I remember throwing it away for the first year…denial that I was then actually a member of the age-appropriate club. Then from age 52 until last year I’d scan through it to make sure there was nothing in it with my name other than on the address label.

Now at 55 years young, I am looking through it with a bit more interest, as there are some great deals on vacations, the AARP convention and what seems like too many advertisements for pain meds. Is that what it comes down to from here on out? Pain management? Bladder control and the little blue pill?

One article in particular that caught my attention was discussing the symptoms associated with nerve pain, also known as neuropathy. It affects many people over the age of 50, and is of real concern for persons with diabetes. Though I am not a diabetic, the shooting pain that goes through my feet on occasion may be something other than the onset of the dreaded problem known as “the gout.”

Having experienced “the gout” once back in 1999, I always have at least a couple of gallons of cranberry juice in my house at all times. It is the magical elixir that taketh away “the gout.” However, this article about neuropathy has me contemplating a call to my primary care physician and getting an examination. The article, though seeking to slip in a promotion for a drug manufacturer, makes the case that ignoring the pain can lead to permanent damage to the nerves in the feet. Not a promising thought for a man who still has a few seasons left in me as a high school basketball official.

So, take it from me and AARP, it is not a flaw in our character to have that recurring foot pain examined. Maybe we can forestall having to wear those round-toed, rubber-soled shoes for just a few more years.

Hope to see you in the podiatrists office.

Fore…giveness is Divine

Today we welcomed back to the golf course and to the world, Mr. Tiger Woods. It has been quite interesting to observe the depths to which Tiger has plummeted since last November. From being on top of the golfing, and quite literally the entire, world, to a man who could and would not show his face, nor would his fickle and weak-in-the knees sponsors.

Once again he is playing in the tournament that had for so many years embodied the very essence of societal and racial segregation, The Masters. Until he came along and destroyed the field in 1997, the Augusta Club where the Masters is held annually was off limits to persons of color and women. He truly broke down the walls of Jericho.

It will be interesting to see how he is received these next few days. Will his personal life be allowed to remain in the background as he chases the leaders on the course? Or will some writer deem it his/her right to continue to publicly crucify him? I imagine that some content editor, desperate for publicity, will push their agendas in such a way as to try to force Tiger to break from his newfound humble persona.

My hope is that we all will be mindful of the fact that each of us has numerous faults and shortcomings…and in life, as in golf, it is rare that you get a do-over. How many of us continue to bring up the past transgressions of others? When it is really better for all involved to forgive, and seek to forget. That is how we show our love for one another and get rid of the guilt and shame that accompanies a fall from grace, thus encouraging true healing to begin to take place.

Whether Tiger wins this weekend or not is unimportant to me. What I will be watching is to see how long it takes people to remember that biblical statement, “Judge not lest ye be also judged.”

What an interesting dilemma the golfing world will have should he be standing on the podium to have the green jacket placed on his shoulders on Sunday evening. Fore!

Just Say No…

Just say no to drugs…bacon and cheesecake, too.

I just read a very interesting article at Health.com, that once again shows the number of health related diseases that are attributed to eating processed, fatty foods. As if we can’t already see the devastating effects on our young people who are overweight and under stimulated physically. Childhood obesity is a real problem in the United States.

But it is my generation, between the ages of 45 to 65, that I am also concerned about as we now have slower metabolisms and increased rates of diabetes and cancer related illnesses.

The study shares how lab rats were divided into three groups. One group was fed bacon, sausage, cheesecake, frosting, and other fattening, high-calorie foods–but only for one hour each day. One of the groups was fed regular rat food. (What the heck is regular rat food?) The third group was allowed to pig out on the unhealthy foods for up to 23 hours a day.

Once you read the article, it might become clearer how the food industry is primarily responsible for many of the health challenges faced by our citizenry today. Maybe they are part of the tea-party movement seeking to keep Americans from having health care that will focus on wellness, not illness. Heck, if insurance companies and their shareholders can keep millions of people brainwashed and apathetic by convincing them that Twinkies are good to eat, then they might as well make cocaine legal, too. They both seem to have the same effect.

My hope is that we will seriously take more responsibility for what we consume daily. Start by making a list of healthy foods to purchase when grocery shopping, and not succumbing to that drug-like rush when you are walking down the bakery section of the supermarket. Let’s surprise our personal physician’s and lower our collective and individual cholesterol and blood sugar levels…in a non-pharmaceutical manner.

Maybe the insurance companies will change their business models and pay physician’s who assist in keeping their patients healthy. Now that would be sweet.


Time Keeps on Slipping into the Future

Did you notice how quickly we have torn away the first three months pages from our calendars?  How could it be that it is already April 1, and spring is in full bloom?  Do I sound like my parents now?

We must know that there really is something to the saying, “time flies as we get older.”

Or that “time waits for no one.”   How many people look back with regret at lives that were unfulfilled?  How much music has gone to the grave with persons who had good intentions but lacked the discipline and fortitude to push past their fears.  Where will you stand when the day of your transition comes due?

I have made it a point this year to have written goals that I review daily to keep me focused and on target.  And to read books that motivate me to my higher calling.  The results thus far are astounding and I am truly excited and looking forward to the next three months of 2010.

So, today in between playing a practical joke on someone, or you getting one played on you…ask yourself this question, “Am I on the path that I asked God to illuminate for me this year?”  If yes, then keep on pushing.  If no, then pull out those notes and resolutions you made on January 1 and tape them to the mirror, refrigerator, and steering wheel.  Make it a daily exercise that you endure initially, and enjoy later.  It will cause you to take more seriously the days you are blessed to have in this life.

My pledge to you is still the same, let’s do this for six months and review our progress.

I know we will not be standing in the same place that we began, or thinking the same thoughts that have kept us stagnant for far too long.  And that will create real growth and change.  And, I believe, will add more Benjamin’s to your bank account.

Here is a little clip for you to enjoy: http://blip.tv/file/2463886