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A couple of years ago I saw the movie “The Bucket List” with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. It had a powerful storyline, and more than a few funny lines. One of those was the comment about not passing up a bathroom…for men of our age need to go pee more frequently than ever before. Our ego is supplanted by a weak bladder…or facing the possibility of having an embarrassing accident.

However, there is one scene in the movie that stuck with me…and I find it worthy to share with you all today:

As I march toward the 60-year celebration of my life, I want to daily remember to find the Joy in my life. Take a few minutes to contemplate what you have that brings JOY….


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Fifties and Money Gone…

Is it natural to wonder about the aches and pains that are associated with getting older? It is not so funny anymore that I have a few more creaks and cracks occurring when I move about…what happened? Getting older…Woo Hoo.

Tonight I just watched a 30 for 30 Sports special entitled: Broke. It is about the sad situations that far too many professional athletes find themselves in after their playing days are over. NFL, NBA, MLB…even NHL players who are have filed for bankruptcy protections, even though they have earned multiple millions of dollars when playing their respective sports.

Tonight the Oakland Raiders are playing on Thursday Night Football and one of their former players is being honored for his recent inclusion into the Pro Football Hall of Fame; Punter supreme Ray Guy. This guy revolutionized the role of punting in pro football.

Yet, what struck me even more than the fact that the winless Raiders are leading at halftime, is that during the closing credits from the above-mentioned Documentary, showing the names of many former pro athletes who have filed bankruptcy…was the name of Ray Guy.

Ironies of all ironies, he is elected to the Hall of Fame…and he is likely financially destitute. Imagine the feeling of being feted by your fans…and knowing that you have none of the money you earned while playing the game. Tragic.

What does this have to do with my daily blog? I’m glad that you asked. How many of us who are heading into our next cycle of life are facing similar financial nightmares? Far too many, I am sure. Many friends and associates of mine have retired, and are not able to live comfortably on their current post-employment incomes. What is next? What if we live to be Ninety years?

Stay tuned for more on this matter…because the Baby Boomers are coming into our 60’s, and many are unprepared financially for a long retirement lifestyle.

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60 Days to Sixty Years…


Let me first of all express supreme Gratitude to my Creator for still being among the living for so long. It is not but by the Grace and Mercy of a Loving God that I am still here…no mistake about it. Well, maybe the fact that I replaced eating pork with green salads 20 years ago, exercising regularly and sleeping alone more often than not…these lifestyle adjustments had to have helped get me to this place, too.

Now as I ponder what I must now accept, that I am closing out another decade of living…I wonder what I will face going forward. The days and months leading up to my 50th year was so exciting. Planning a BIG party. Getting well wishes from friends and family…receiving my AARP card.

Alas, it appears that the run-up to 60 is just not that glamorous.

It is my intention to write a blog post each day as I inch closer to that sexagenarian landmark. Maybe it will be an interesting video, message from another 60-plusser who has some advice to share. Maybe a funny story that I recall from a life that has had its share of twists and turns. Will you join me on this new pathway? I hope so.

Here’s a great video clip from the iconic comic George Carlin that sums it all up:

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As I am nearing the gateway to becoming a sexagenarian, isn’t that an interesting word for those who are between the ages of 60 to 69…there are so many things that have me curious. What do I need to begin preparing for as it relates to my health. How will I handle any situations that may require family support and/or intervention.

I also am honored to participate on the Board of an amazing organization in the Bay Area that serves persons who have Dementia and Alzheimer diagnoses, ASEB. We seek to provide a high-level of adult day services to those who are living with that diagnosis and the families who are caring for their loved ones.

Both of my parents are deceased. However, I have friends whose parents are soon facing the possibility of needing long term care. In my daily reading on the Internet, I came across a blog post from a woman who was quite surprised to learn that her mother has had five teeth extracted, without her knowledge, while residing in a long-term care facility. And she is the Power of Attorney for her mother. Who makes that decision? Is that legal?

Take a look at the article and let me know your thoughts.

CLick here:


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The state of our nation’s health is directed by industries who profit from the consumption of processed foods. Take a look at this short video and then begin to look at what your family ingests…you will be astounded.

Time to take back our health.


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Many of us over the North side of Fifty can recall a beautiful song from the early 1970’s sung by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, entitled “Tears of A Clown.” The song described the challenges that one man faced when seeking to show a joyful persona in the wake of his breakup with his girlfriend. One stanza in the song states, “there’s some sad things known to man, but ain’t too much sadder than the tears of a clown, when there’s no one around.”

The recent death of Actor/Comedian/Humanitarian Robin Williams, at his own hands…has elevated the conversation that no one ever wants to discuss: MENTAL HEALTH DISEASE. It is likely an issue, like cancer, HIV and Alzheimer’s Disease…that has affected each and every family in some capacity. Yet, we all are so surprised and stunned when that person whom we thought had it all together; the life of the party, had the nice car, great family and house…and now they are found to have taken their own life. What sadness and emptiness must they have felt…and we missed.

My family is not unique. We have faced the demon of self-destruction for more than 3 generations. It is still something than we are uncomfortable talking about, yet, we know that it is like the elephant in the room. We all see it…but no one cares to address. My maternal grandfather committed suicide, and it left an indelible scar upon my Mother for the remainder of her life. I have battled depression for much of my adult life…and am grateful to have family and friends who have kept me grounded, and provided unconditional love and support, when my life felt like it was unraveling.

I ask that we all take a moment, and think of someone, family friend or acquaintance, whom has lost the sparkle in their eye. Who has stopped coming around, and returning the phone calls. May we slow down long enough to really listen when we ask, “how are you doing?” It might be a life-saving moment for them. Be present…and loving. Listen with your HEART.

Here’s a fine article that I wanted to share with you, and then challenge you to make the call today. The life you save may be closer than you might imagine.


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The word Cancer does not have to evoke fear anymore…not when there are millions of survivors and volunteers who are witness to the POWER of LOVE. The Relay for Life events are expressions of Love and community coming together. Here is the event at American Canyon, California Middle School

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A Legal Love Letter for your Loved ones

A Legal Love Letter for your Loved ones

Now that many of us are inching closer to the Golden Years of our lives, it is interesting to see many Baby Boomers now are considering long-term relationships that may not include marriage. Having someone to share each day with, and the chronic challenges of bodies that need more time to heal, mixed families that are truly multi-ethnic and multi-generational, we have so much more at stake to gain…and sometimes, if not planned properly, to lose.

Here is an interesting article that shares some tips on ways to minimize the legal challenges you might face should you not have a legal contract in place.

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Are you ready to escape? I have something to share with you…

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